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Intuitive Business Pod

Conscious Business + Intuitive Creation
='s Your 2024 Success Transformation

What is an intuitive business pod?
Similar to dolphins who are energetically playing and finding solutions together, they use creative and spherical awareness for problem solving to thrive together in an intuitively dynamic way. This virtual group zoom offers a fun, healing space to create, soulstorm and get inspired with other high vibe entrepreneurs, employees, or those aspiring to new career expansion in 2024

Intuitive Business

What does the intuitive business pod include?
This monthly business pod includes energy clearing, following flow with intuitive reading of group to address energetic imbalances offering useful tools and techniques to support the greatest change. Open interactive sharing and discussion to support areas useful for group development, while keeping personal targets in mind for ongoing accountability to stay focused. Practical business supports with sharing also encouraged, yet main focus is around energetics and intuitive strengthening. Depending on energy of group direction will determine how deep we dive and what is possible to create together.

Access Consciousness

What can the intuitive business pod do for me?
 - each month offers group reading with energy clearing
- interactive co
nscious business expansion support
- kind healing space with souls creating a better world
- empowering intuitive development to trust your knowing
- encouragement to go for your true business desires
- higher dimension play to optimize your creative energies

- receive enthusiastic group energy to reach 2024 targets

intuitive business coach Cathleen Miller

Are you ready to dive in?

Intuitive business group pod zoom kick off begins
Saturday January 27th 2024
*Saturday's 11am - 12pm
Jan 27 - Feb 24 - Mar 30 - April 27 - May 25 - June 22

*Any consecutive 3 mo pass:
Let's you begin any time
 *333. per person

Link: private zoom link sent once paid + registered

2024 *Any Consecutive 3 month
Intuitive Business Pod Pass
1 person @ 3 month pass


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unedited photo Cathleen swimming with wild dolphins, Florida Keys

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