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What is your chakra personality?

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Mudra Meditation

7th Lotus Chakra Personality - violet/white - crown

The Divine One - Life of Kindness

Primary crown chakra personalities can be leaders, teachers or any role which supports raising consciousness in whatever they are doing. Mother Theresa, Dr Wayne Dyer, Sylvia Brown, Paramahansa Yogananda, are examples of those who mastered this chakra in their life. Contributing to greater spiritual awakening is this soul theme, to live a life of integrity and kindness to example the power of that to the world. 

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Singer on Stage

5th Chakra Throat - sky blue - neck to jaw

The Vocal One - Life of Communication

Primary throat chakra personalities can be natural born teachers, comedians or singers who use their voice to uplift the world. Ellen Degeneres, Robin Williams, Kate McKinnon and Mike Myers are a few examples of those who mastered the art of voice to bring joy to the world. Contributing to education, music and fun is definitely the soul theme for this lively personality and everyone is better and often entertained from knowing them. 

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Lifting a Bike

3rd Chakra Power Center - yellow - upper abs

The Strategic Leader - Life of Empowerment

Primary solar plexus chakra personalities naturally empower and strategically support whatever they are a part of in life. Jane Fonda, Kelly Ripa and Tony Robbins are a few examples who bring incredible energy and focus to anything they are a part of doing. Contributing to confidence, clarity of focus and igniting others to blaze their own trail is the soul theme for these brave ones. 


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Meeting Room Business

1st Chakra base center - red - base of spine/legs

The Manifester - Life of Actualization

Primary base chakra personalities naturally bring ideas into action, then cashflow to support a strong foundation. Ryan Seacrest, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran are a few examples who bring bottom line focus to help make ideas turn into tangible forms. Contributing to grounded execution of plans to keep systems flowing well comes naturally to this capable one with a soul theme of manifesting. 

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Woman Thinking

Not sure which one resonates for you? 

??? hmmmmmmmm.......keep looking deeper

If you are not sure or have several that resonate equally then go back and review the soul theme's + life themes to see which one of those stands out more. Yes you can have several strong chakras highly developed which is great but your soul theme may show you one that still is more you.


Good news is you can not get this wrong and it is for the fun of realizing your amazing gifts and to embrace and know that YOU are so important in the world by whatever you are contributing in a way only you can do.

Working with your primary chakra is how I support intuitive development for you to tap into more of your own soul gifts to be and receive more of what IS possible for you!

Young Hipster

6th Third Eye Chakra Personality - indigo - brow

The Visionary - Life of Possibilities 

Primary ajna chakra personalities can be inventors or visionaries in music, art or business in ways that bring in new concepts of thought, experience or advancement to our world. Maya Angelou, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson are examples of those tapped into this center to go beyond what has been before. Contributing to innovation and new possibilities is the soul theme no matter how you choose to use your abilities to inspire others into expansion.

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Friends Taking Selfie

4th Chakra Heart - emerald green - heart/arms

The Lover - Life of Passionate Care

Primary heart chakra personalities are born lovers of nature, people, pets and often philanthropists, as well as the glue in families (or businesses) that supports thriving for all. Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce, John Krasinski and Betty White are a few examples who have inspired us in so many ways. Contributing through communicating care and personal families support is the soul theme here which inspires everyone from their heart centered actions. 

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Woman Painting

2nd Chakra Sacral Center - orange - low abs

The Creator - Life of Creation

Primary sacral chakra personalities are able to make anything around them more beautiful. Julia Child, Picasso and Coco Chanel are examples who bring aesthetic inspiration for all to enjoy.While this may literally be art, design, it can also be fashion, cooking, counseling or anything contributing to more beauty, sensuality and ease in the world with a soul theme of creating new forms.  

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Woman Outdoors

10th Chakra ground center - brown - feet/aura

The Nature Spirit - Life of Magic

Primary ground chakra personalities are very connected to nature and ancestry which may gravitate towards working with land, animals or living off grid. Jane Goodall, Jacques Cousteau and Steve Irwin are a few examples who lived were few were willing to go. Contributing to environmental causes and conservation of planet are this soul's theme. 

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