goddess womens retreat

Goddess Rising Retreat

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Goddess Rising Women's Retreat

This retreat is for you if:

1- you are ready to be your inner goddess to allow more empowered confidence to create greater impact in the world

2- you desire more peace and wellbeing for your body, life to have more ease with collective consciousness + planet earth

3- you are inspired to increase your immunity intelligence to out create any surrounding dis-ease or negativity limitations

4- you are enthusiastic to celebrate with high caliber wild women to joyfully play + authentically share space for greater good

5- you are open to receive gifts from spirit, meet new + ancient friends for Goddess healing + blessings













Weekend Retreat Schedule


Day 1

Thursday Date TBA

Opening Circle of Light

travel in and check in for cabins

pre retreat private 1:1 sessions - yoga - *optional massage can be purchased

hike on mountain trails - hammock nap - explore area - meditation by creek - meet new friends and get settled in before group yoga

Session 1- 11am-12pm 

Session 2 12:15pm-1:15pm

Session 3- 1:30pm-2:30pm


4pm-5pm Vinyasa Yoga


5:15pm-6:30pm Dinner

7pm-8:30pm Goddess Opening Ceremony

Together we begin by connecting together as a group while inviting Goddess support, empowerment and healing for every participant. This is intended to open energies you are ready to transform, while also opening intuitive awareness about parts of your being that are no longer serving you. Gifts from spirit will abound for all. Bring water, yoga mat (for all group events) through weekend



Day 2 Friday

Empowering Your Goddess Core


8am optional early hike, more sleep, meditation, breakfast 

9am-10:30am Goddess Collective:

Exploring Your Power: Channel Activation

This morning begins deep intensive process to clarify areas lifting to be understood for you to move into greater empowered being. Group exercises will support personal body and emotional awareness while bringing clear insight into what is needing change and where you are consciously thriving. 

Day free for - exploring area - private sessions - hiking - play - hammock nap

Session 4- 11:30pm- 12:30pm

Session 5- 12:45pm-1:45pm

Session 6- 2pm-3pm

5pm Dinner

7pm-8pm Restorative Yoga

8pm (optional) Fireside Goddess Communing with theme of relaxation to allow space for processing and integration happening for each person. This is a relaxed evening in between strong activations to enjoy and share space or honor your personal need to detoxify and rest if that is calling you. Everyone is asked to honor their body and energy from where they are in their process to stay or stop in or stay all evening to share space and watch the stars is up to you. 


Day 3 Saturday

Celebrating Your Magic

8am breakfast - early hike, more sleep

9am-10am chakra balance yoga

Session 7- 10:30am-11:30am 

Session 8- 11:45am-12:45pm

Session 9- 1pm-2pm

7pm-8:30pm Goddess Celebration Ceremony - Tonight we celebrate the receiving of our own inner goddess and allow the wild woman within to rise and play. Declaring your attributes and inspirations while also dressing as your inner goddess highly encouraged. Together we will share, surrender, expand and flow this to Mother Earth for the collective to benefit from. Etheric gifts for all from spirit will abound.



Day 4 Sunday

Eternal Love Spiral

8am breakfast - early hike - meditation - sleep

9am-9:45am Appreciation of the divine feminine 

closing ceremony

We close the weekend with a gentle harmony resonance to affirm the changes that will continue to unfold far beyond this trip. Space to give thanks to all Goddesses and directing this to the collective and earth will be our gift to all. 


travel home 

Camping in Mountains
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Weekend Goddess Pass:

 Includes Thursday through Sunday all private ceremonies, daily yoga and group facilitation work plus one 1:1 private on location

60min Intuitive Session with Cathleen 

Goddess Weekend Retreat Prep List


once registered you will be emailed private location address


There is a very large yurt on property and there will also be a very large canopy as well! Bring outdoor chairs and swimsuits if you would like to sit in the creek. There’s a great little bank that you can put a chair in the water to bliss out.

1- There is NO electricity or wifi - going wild here so bringing candles, matches, battery powered camp lights, flashlights are all needed

2- There is NO running water so 3 gallons recommended to bring per day may be smart for all daily water needs


3- Cabins will not have sheets so please bring sleeping bag, pillows, teddy bear, eye cover, or whatever supports your sleep 

4- Porta potty will be available but extra roll of toilet paper + tissues, hand sanitizer, soap, several clean hand towels 

5- Bring Your Own FOOD for weekend

limited fridge space will be available but snacks and dry options are a good idea since nothing is in close distance for food options so a little extra may be wise + is up to you - hour plus drive to Whole Foods so be sure to stock up for full weekend

6- It is recommended for the weekend to wear flowing goddess skirts or sun dresses to keep your base chakra open throughout the weekend - yoga pants are fine for yoga or hiking of course but wearing open loose skirts opens your base and ground chakra more to support greater balancing and release during weekend

7- Bring your own goddess gear - crystals, bold jewelry, even costume to emulate your favorite goddess for final celebration ceremony is all for fun and to invite spirit to play with and bless us all (even fun costume is encouraged, so feel free to get creative with your go to Goddess) and one or more superpower props (tiara, lightning wand, large crystal, cape, get creative with what feels FUN) this is your chance to play with your superpowers so the more the merrier 

8- Goddesses of all cultures, races and belief systems will be honored and celebrated so if you have a personal item that resonates for you please bring to celebrate with or bring to your private session with me to energetically charge (crystals/jewelry) feel free to bring your own personal stones which can be charged in your private session

9- Accomidations - Cabins, BYO Tent or travel in and stay in your own RV. Please email your preference so we can organize what is available

10- Basic social distancing and cleanliness will be the responsibility of each participant to the level they are comfortable to keep up, masks are optional and because all work is outside in open air. Bring your own healthy food and items to support your wellness as you feel as useful for you. It is important that we honor everyones individual comfort level of distancing so common sense healthy practice encouraged in addition to of course being well enough to attend and sure that you have not been exposed to anything before attendance is required for all 

11- Feel free to email or call Cathleen with additional questions. Being only a few weeks out there is a ton to organize and prepare so if you could please complete your own individual registration steps as soon as possible would greatly support us getting everything organized for you. Thank you so much for answering your own inner calling of the Goddess...


  • yoga mats for daily yoga classes

  • eco-friendly bug spray + sunscreen

  • camp gear plate, spoon, fork etc

  • outdoor chair


What magic is possible for you?

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Ready To Get Your Goddess ON?


email cathleensmiller@gmail.com

to ensure space is still available for you

full name, state, cell phone, favorite goddess, any comments or health concerns


complete your weekend pass payment above


complete required release waiver 

print, sign + scan signed copy back  


Once all steps are complete you will get email confirmation to prepare for the retreat

More questions? Call my office (913) 499-8514

I look forward to being with you soon.

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