SHARE - 5 - WIN!

FREE Session(s) Referral Program

*earn reward points for cash or session credit

Word of mouth direct new client referrals are so incredibly appreciated that I am happy

to pay you cash, or give you even more value back with session credits for a win-win opportunity. 

Step 1 share positive benefits you have experienced from working with me with your friends and family

Step 2 let them know to tell me that you sent them (so I can track your credit for you).

Step 3 after 5 new clients have completed paid 60min new client sessions with me,

you can then book your free session or give it away as a gift certificate.

*Referral credits are good within the same 12 month calendar year with new client points accumulated through out the year. If you refer more than 5 you are free to begin again and keep going but must have 5 minimum to cash out or use credit. If at end of year you have less than 5 referrals you can claim your points by Dec 31st for cash or they will be voided. Jan 1st begins a fresh slate to play again.

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