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Virtual Group Channeling | Energy Healing Sessions with Cathleen

In addition to being a born intuitive medium Cathleen is also advanced practitioner certified & or experienced in the below alternative modalities. She will channel to facilitate whatever is appropriate to clear, upgrade, empower and balance the group energy in each session. Specific focus to address the theme and blockages that present themselves in each session will create a completely unique and customized experience.


*Important to know that this is a live group event with no recording or replay available after due to the lower vibrational entity clearing aspects (which the replay can reactivate) what has been cleared. Working with her vast team of spirit, earth and star guides, ascension angels and many conscious generative beings of light. The group focus is to elevate their frequency to lift out of imbalance and into a higher space of being on all levels. Obviously there is no guarantee of outcome, since healing is a complex equation which may require more personal changes and letting go that only the participant can choose to be able to resolve certain issues. This is not a passive happening but an interactive conscious flow to shift that which you are ready to change. Can miracles happen, of course and yet your beliefs, willingness to heal and highest good timing are all at play.  


Past group attendees have reported pain relief, emotional release, immense lightness after session and renewed optimism around life and their personal situation. 


Virtual group channeling + energy healing sessions will be an hour with time intuitively guided for each group to address issues, clear in appropriate sequence for whatever is required and address questions as time allows. Signing the online new client disclaimer is required to attend. 

Be sure you are well hydrated and in a quiet, calm environment to be able to get the most out of the session. Live chat will be on where you can add your healing requests and comments. 

Energy Therapies Cathleen may use with the group include:

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