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My passion is to optimize energy on all levels for longevity of radiant wellbeing. I only share companies and products which I have received benefits from that are of the highest quality and integrity for my clients


Lifewave stem cell patches are a safe, non invasive, cost effective way to reduce pain, inflammation and imbalances to reset your entire system. This has been clinically shown to repair and youth throughout the entire body. Light technologies are the medicine of the future which is here now. In ONLY a few weeks I have greatly reduced chronic neck/shoulder pain, way deeper and more quality sleep, plus my hormones more in harmony then the fatigue swing (you ladies may be familiar with), also my skin is more hydrated which is subtle but I am curious to see what happens as I keep going....90 day no risk money back guarantee

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Awesome for those stepping into circadian wellness who are seeking to reduce artificial and blue light exposure. These glasses are my favorite to support endocrine balance and improved sleep. My favorite are the orange ones for late computer, tv. Yellow are great for being out in high artificial light public spaces, then red are for before bed to let your body know it is time to gear down. 

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More lifestyle wellness items will be added soon.
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