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Women with Sparklers

Is your business + life ready
for a new spark of possibility?

Join us for a weekend retreat
to clear your system, charge your energy
to generate new 
creative juice
so you elevate to a new
space of possibility 
for more true success on all levels

womens wellness retreat

Who is this retreat for? 

  • conscious female entrepreneurs who are changing the world

  • those seeking new like minded soul tribe friends to share space with

  • non-drama, healthy, open minded for change + ready for fun

  • willing to expand and release outmoded parts of your self and life

  • ready to explore, relax + enjoy the transformation that is here for you

Where are we going? 

  • location TBA - amazing place for you to regenerate + restore

  • Being a DIY format you can create your perfect A-Z weekend!  

  • Countless client testimonials can inspire what is possible for you

  • Powerful transformation is possible for those who are open + ready

  • Trust me...if you are on this page, your soul wants a vacay!

womens wellness vacation

Who is your business wellness dream team...

top intuitive consultant cathleen miller

Conscious Wellness Facilitator 

Mountains and River Profile Header.png
  • Learn preventative wellness techniques to be confident in your immunity

  • Meet soul community friends to stay connected to long after retreat   

  • Heal + balance your body, relationships and life path circumstances

  • Let go of old patterns keeping you out of greater success + joy

  • Come get real and have fun with amazing gifts from nature + spirit

intuitive healing retreat

Why is this a wise investment in you?

lake tahoe retreat 2020





50% non-refundable deposit required to hold space balance due by TBA



50% non-refundable deposit required to hold space balance due TBA

Weekend program pass includes daily program 

Thursday 4-6pm, Friday 9-11am Sat AM 9-11am/Sat PM Sun 14th 8am

(INCLUDED IN VIP PASS ONLY) +1 private 60min private session with Cathleen 

Saturday night details released for participants group dinner celebration (details TBA)

Infinite possibilities of transformation, connection, wellbeing + FUN...priceless

maui wellness retreat

Cathleen's Past Retreat Client Testimonials

“Your Goddess Palm Island Retreat was AMAZING!!!!!! I had so much fun and really feel different and that nothing will be the same again. You also confirmed what I had been told a while ago about my future work here on the planet. Thank you for everything.” -HW Tarpon Springs, FL

“Cathleen masterfully created a program that supported the whole group and me as an individual. It was everything I hoped and needed, and so so much more… I absolutely loved every minute of my time in Maui.”  -Marina Daldania Chicago IL

“I wanted to share that your North Carolina Holistic Therapy retreat was an experience I will never forget and something that will have an impact on my life forever. I came in nervous and skeptical but once I was there I knew I was in the right place and with the right people. For the the first time in a long time I feel free and happy (and out of the unmotivated state I was previously stuck in). Doing these retreats will change your life forever and move you forward.” -MJ Holiday FL

intuitive lifestyle



 travel in group check in 3:45pm welcome check in 

4pm-6pm Opening + Release group facilitation

Together we will dive right in to begin powerful process of core release that will continue throughout the weekend. Program begins powerful shifts in the physical and emotional bodies. Focus is to guide group with specific clearing process to honor your own personal connection and needs. Live medical medium intuitive demos, spirit guide connections for support and interactive facilitation with visualization, meditation included. 

6:15pm Enjoy local Tahoe dinner (can be solo or with new friends you meet in group) 

7:30pm Free evening to get your spa on, visit town, or unwind and r e l a x 



6 - 8:30am Early morning options: 

yoga class - mountain hike (group or solo) - lakeside meditation - more s l e e p  

8am Breakfast (suggested time but this is up to you) 

9am-11am Core activation + Regeneration group facilitation

Friday morning continues from day one release work follow up. Next group program shifts into relevant support to facilitate your next step(s) to allow greater regeneration that your body, mind or soul is asking for in the moment. This may include new processes as appropriate for where the group is for the greatest benefit. Interactive share, medial medium healer demonstrations with participants and visualization included for most beneficial group teaching and experience. 

11:30am (kayak optional group sign up) lake

OR guided hike (optional group sign up) - exploring local areas - spa sign ups 

11:30am-12:30pm Private Session #1(booked)

12:45pm-1:45pm Private Session #2 (booked)

1:30pm lunch (suggested) 

3pm free afternoon hammock nap - massage - play - explore

3pm-4pm Private Session #3 (still available)

4:15pm-5:15pm Private Session #4 (booked)

6pm Dinner (solo or with members of group)

7:30pm group arial silks optional private class sign up (TBA still being confirmed) 

Saturday June

7am AM Yoga or Hike or Exploring local areas

8am Breakfast/Coffee (suggested time) 

9am-11am Creation + Vitality group facilitation

Today begins with follow up and open q+a from regeneration experience to highlight changes happening for group. Vitality process moves into being more intuitive body mind connection will direct group experience and facilitate to invite greater cellular harmony. Focus today includes improving daily lifestyle awareness for greater vitality and personal or professional creation. Live participant medical medium facilitation demos, interactive play and guided meditation included. 

11:30am Kayak group sign up on lake - group or solo/group hike sign up - exploring

11:30am-12:30pm Private Session #5 (booked)

12:45pm-1:45pm Private Session #6 (available)

1:30pm lunch (suggested) 

3pm free afternoon hammock nap - massage - spa - lake play

2:15pm-3:15pm Private Session #7 (available)

3:30pm-4:30pm Private Session #8 (booked)

6pm Retreat group dinner celebration (location + more details TBA)


Sunday June

8am closing ceremony - (to support early travel shuttles home)

intuitive wellness travel

Feeling the YES vibe?

If so please be so kind to email

if you have additional questions. I am happy to add you to interested possible participant list to go (please be sure to get office approval on attendees list *BEFORE purchasing your flight or travel to ensure space is still available

What if I travel to the retreat by myself not knowing anyone? 

Most participants will be coming solo, so you will be in good company to make new friends and join in on extra adventure excursion options together each day as they feel good to you. After leading these retreats since 2007, one of my greatest joys (in addition to the powerful life transformations, healings, and manifestations that happen during and even after the retreat) clients report (see past retreat testimonials here), finding kindred spirits from their soul community. You may be surprised how instantly a familiar ease with the group happens for most, which is also a sign of the powerful contribution it will be to you.

intuitive wellness spa
intuitive eating coach
womens wellness retreat 2020


These are a la carte so you are only paying for solo or group excursions that are your vibe.

All below suggestions are additional cost

if you choose to add them in and a few are being organized for group so they are easy to add into your personal weekend schedule in a comfortable way

  • Massage or Spa services (highly encouraged)

  • Kayak day rentals to enjoy the spectacular lake

  • SUP stand up paddle board yoga private or group

  • Yoga classes (7am/pm being organized as options for you now) 

  • Arial group private class 7:30pm Friday 5+ needed 

  • Additional local guided excursions and incredible hikes (tour group)


NOT INCLUDED - Travel - Lodging - Shuttle - Taxes - Food - Optional Choices

This allows you the freedom (and budget blessing) to camp, air b & b, or go five star luxury if that is your vibe. It also helps for those not wanting to do certain group activities so you can create your now personal schedule around the group times. Everything has been created to allow you the most freedom, space and effortless flow to create your own unique ideal retreat. 

  • All program pass payments are non-refundable and travelers insurance is recommended to support your travel expense investment. Retreat disclaimer waiver signature also required for participation in event.

See contact page above to inquire

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