Soul Success Mastermind Series  


Are you ready to  l i v e  a s   y o u r   s  o  u  l  ? 

LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE for this mastery level Soul Success Mastermind Holistic MediumTM one on one transformation program. Designed from two decades of expertise from working with thousands of clients around the world. This series is here to support YOU to activate and create the business, wellness, love and personal life you truly desire and deserve!

Soul Success Mastermind Series Includes: 

8 week exclusive one on one private program with Cathleen

Custom tailored to your business, health, relationships and unique life challenges. As well as your personal vision of success you are seeking support to achieve. 

- Soul Chart Reading + Series overview consultation, intro Soul chart reading + overview business, cleansing, personal target strategy plan collaborating on your vision of success and desired breakthroughs for your own customized series. 

Intuitive mentoring sessions with Cathleen for ongoing accountability and success strategy development see below full list of below supports included

Intuitive Eating + Body Love e-course training access with personal ongoing development in weekly sessions for more in depth process for your goals.

- Intuitive Wellness plan + personal support for your specific fitness, body, mind, spirit and personal goals for your own experience in the cleansing and body balancing process right for you with ongoing adjustments as needed 

- Email access to Cathleen weekly 'quick check ins' for challenge support to ask one clarifying question and to keep you focused and positive in your process

- Customized ongoing monthly energy assignments and ongoing support for performance progress on wellness, professional goals and as useful for client

- Customized support audios to best support your progress and development designed to boost confidence and keep you accelerated 

- Ongoing success accountability for you to follow through on positive upgrades in your business, personal commitments and wellness so you are able to keep the target changes you are seeking to experience real and lasting results 

- Prioritized VIP scheduling done privately with Cathleen to bypass online 

BONUS gifts + surprises for you

Intuitive Mastermind VIP program with Cathleen can include:

  • Intuitive Business Development + Mentoring - Success Coaching

  • Medical Intuitive Evaluation + Distance Energy Therapies 

  • Body Image + Conscious Empowerment Coaching 

  • Intuitive Weight Loss + Holistic Detoxification 

  • Energetic Illness Recovery (basic to terminal)

  • Trauma + Abuse Recovery + Clearing

  • Mental Emotional Soul Healing + Development 

  • Chakra Energy Balancing + Development

  • Intuitive Eating + Body Love e-course (full access)

  • Master Level Reiki, Matrix, Theta, S3, Quantum Field + more 

  • Intuitive Relationship + Divorce Recovery Coaching 

Also available 1 Day VIP On Location Intuitive Lifestyle Immersion Experience 

Apply for Mastermind Series 

email below application q+a to

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1. Why are you considering this program at this time in your life? 

2. What are you desiring to create from this mastermind program? 

3. What is your main issue of challenge you are seeking to transform? 

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Soul Series Client Praise

I found Cathleen’s website and instantly knew that it was exactly what I needed. After having my first session, I learned so much about myself and my beliefs that were holding me back. I immediately started to feel grounded and hopeful again. Each session provided me with a deeper healing that I didn’t even realize I needed. My original intention for seeing her was to find a sense of direction in my life. She ended up uncovering deep rooted insecurities and false beliefs that I was holding on to, created from previous experiences in my life, some that I had totally forgotten about or was unaware of. These were completely blocking my true potential. Each session brought me to a higher level that would have taking years to obtain, if at all. Now looking back, I don’t even feel like my former self. Cathleen has helped me uncover my unique gifts which I can nurture and help others with. That is exactly what I was looking for. I went from having limited beliefs and perceptions of what I was capable of, to now having the courage, self-confidence, and clarity to create changes in my life that are far beyond what I ever thought possible. The best thing is that I finally feel like I love myself for the first time in my life. Cathleen is so compassionate for her work and truly cares for the people she heals.  -SE Overland Park, KS