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Member Success Support 

*ONLY AVAILABLE for active members who are adding an extra session onto current plan


Member Benefits:

  • includes ALL business, distance energy work, intuitive coaching facilitation

  • vibrational alignment training to develop your own energy intelligence

  • ongoing accountability to keep quality progress to achieve your goals

  • progressive support to improve long term personal or wellness issues

  • consistent strengthening of your core confidence that is critical for success

  • intuitive development for you to master your own energy awareness

  • clarity to improve your health, relationships, business, money (or any issue)

  • entity clearing around office or personal space that may be blocking success

*Wellness plan discount not valid for sessions at on location retreats or VIP events. 

Intuitive Extra Session Options

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Extra 30min Intuitive Session
*Active Members Only 
1:30min 200.
*add on one time pmt

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Intuitive Business Coach Cathleen Miller

Extra 45min Intuitive Session
*Active Members Only
1: 45min 249.
*add on one time payment 

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Extra 60min Intuitive Session
*Active Members Only
1:60min 300.
*add on one time pmt

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