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  • I have read and fully understand this disclaimer and hereby accept full responsibility and liability for the way in which I utilize all information and energy received from Cathleen Miller understanding there is no guarantee of outcome of any kind from working with Cathleen. I am a legal adult of 21 years or older required to participate in any session or event with Cathleen Miller. Any session request for minors requires both parents or legal guardians written approval and attendance at the session with the minor with complete release of all liability for all parties. I agree to use of any media including audio, photography, video that I may be in to be used in any capacity. I agree that all text, site and program information written, audio, video or live is all copyrighted Cathleen Miller and trademarked as Living the SpiralTM and or Holistic MediumTM and will not copy, distribute or use in any unauthorized capacity in any way. Thank you for honoring these terms.


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