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3 Conscious Relationship LOA Tips

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

shadows of couple

Relationships.....what is the first thing that comes to mind first when you hear that word? Is it a sense of joy and warm delicious ease? Or immediate tension and icy contraction? Often we experience both, depending on the specific relationship we are focusing on.

No matter if you are newly dating, long term married, gay/lesbian, or in open relationships, if clients don't have a clear, conscious loving relationship with yourself, then every relationship around you will reflect limitation in some (or more often many) ways.

This is so easy to say and an entirely different experience to live and authentically embrace. Most people are wounded and dysfunctional but that does not have to dictate outcome. If you are willing to commit to being conscious with all of your relationship choices and patterns then new patterns can emerge to support a greater possibility. Here are a few basic 101's that may help. 

Top 3 Conscious Relationship Tips to get more out of every relationship:

1- CLEAN YOUR (*&@! UP:Most are posing, reflecting, projecting and down right trying to control, be or pretend what is really going on and how they really feel about what is happening. Being real about your side of what you have created and acknowledging that you have created (gulp) a less than joyful or fulfilling relationship is the first step to owning that so you can change it for the better. 

2- GET HAPPY & THEN DATE: Most rebound, freshly dumped or divorced clients are often seeking to 'get the next one right', more so than being activated on what they can change or resonate differently in themselves so they can attract in a new way that will bring what they really desire to experience. In other words get happy yourself and love yourself and you can and will be on track to attract better. 

3- STAY REAL ALL OF THE TIME: Whether you are in a new love, marriage or a single space of being at the moment, staying conscious, honest and open is an ongoing choice you can make all of the time. This does not mean you have to gut yourself to stay in a bad situation, or go backwards into old drama. It means being real and owning where you are, as well as when you observe things that do not feel right. Honoring yourself in this way allows you more freedom to be real and that will be your highest odds of finding the real deal. 

all text copyrighted Cathleen Miller 2016



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