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3 Tips To Become Your Intuitive Self

intuitive development tips

When you are really in the flow while being your most authentic version of yourself, what exactly are you doing? Or be-ing? Finding what gifts that are completely unique to your own personality and soul potential are important to be able to experience more of the freedom and empowerment that they can bring you.

If you are following the latest trends, running in whatever current theme is in the zeitgeist, then you may have a short run towards momentary progress. Yet that is not likely to bring longevity of success. When you are clear on who you really are and what is really true for you in your life and business then so much more can be created. This is where life and work can become move into true satisfaction or even possibly bliss.

Intuition seems to be a current trend buzz word which is popping more often into mainstream around intuitive business, intuitive coaching, intuitive healing which I am happy to see since intuition is an asset to anyone who is willing to develop it. For those who are not interested in personal intuitive development, then just seeking out psychic forecasting in an attempt to control outside (often 'negative') influences seems to be common which is missing the point of personal intuitive empowerment.

My work as an intuitive development coach is to inspire clients into better understanding their own very unique pathways of energy and gifts. Doing this allows them to find their own truth while developing their skills with energy so they are more confident to be more of who they really are in the world. Especially after 2020, more people than ever before are seeking to clarify what is really important as well as what is actually valid out there.

Here are a few of my intuitive expert tips for you to move more into your own intuitive self

1- Be willing to blaze your own trail - when you really begin to tap into your own inner being, sometimes this inspires you to create a whole new intuitive career path, new relationships, or be part of a specific movement to better impact the world. When you keep following the energy (alongside a huge helping of common sense and ethical alignment of course) then your vision within, can come to fruition.

2- Stop thinking and feel your way - where I see more clients get stuck is trying to figure it all out logistically, which will keep you tied up, or worse perpetually confused. The majority of strong intuition is feeling your way along the path and allowing energy fluctuations to keep you on course. Trust yourself and when in doubt, wait until things feel better.

3- Stay flexible along the way - our soul charts and timelines are all fluid and shifting with our energy. So the more you are expanding can speed up manifestations, or actually help you up level what you are doing. Sometimes even find collaborative short cuts to go further in win-win exchanges that can create more for you both (than either one of you could have achieved on your own).

Intuition takes practice and is a skill set that needs regular focused use (like your muscles) to become easier. Otherwise you can mistake anxious overstimulation for a 'no', when actually it may mean you just need more information. As you show yourself you are on track with little things, then the big nudges and choices get easier to trust.

Cathleen Miller Master Intuitive Business + Energy Coach

Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions, Events + Retreats


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