• Cathleen Miller

3 Ways Intuitive Development Can Create A Better 2019 For You

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

woman relaxing

While many are hopefully still grooving along in their 2019 goals, many of my coaching clients are reporting that they are attempting to over analyze or mental control themselves to make things happen. Doing this can side track you not only from your own personal balance but also from enjoying your life.

Forcing change is missing the point of goals which should improve your life instead of making things miserable. This is why most goals are dust before mid-month.

I am all for working in a focused way to create success but have a different take on using energy and allowing intuitive focus to guide me to the greatest awareness of when, how, what and how long, to do any action or step toward my goals.

As an intuitive business and life coach, I seek to inspire clients into greater personal body-mind intuitive awareness. Bringing consciousness into their body, business and their environments allows them to harness their power in a way that makes everything more efficient, productive and way more fun.

To me if it is not fun, it is not worth it. Struggle and suffering are always optional. I am not saying there are not times when less than fun things need to be done but then making those a game in some way can even lighten the process there too.

Here are 3 ways Intuitive Development

Can Create A Better 2019 For You

1- INTUITIVE CLARITY Developing your intuition gives you a huge personal advantage to generate more clarity in every area of your life. Of course I am speaking about this from an integrity point of view that when you are tapped in to your intuitive capabilities you are able to be clearer and more accurate about your physical, emotional, spiritual and life needs, direction and what you really want to happen.