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Are you a Starseed? | Starseed Meaning

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

5 Tips to know if YOU are a Starseed?

  1. you have sense of never quite belonging on earth and from an early age were aware on some level that you came from somewhere else

  2. have unexplainable abilities that are uncommon such as psychic, healing or other unique to you energetic capacities

  3. you identify with science fiction characters which seem familiar, or possibly you have knowledge of having lived on other planets

  4. your body is more sensitive than most with foods, volume, chemicals and environment awareness your system reacts to, while others seem oblivious

  5. you have sense that you are here to contribute to change on earth and seeking to raise vibrational consciousness for more peace and wellbeing

*if you have at least 3 or more of these, you are most likely an actively aware starseed

While not everyone is awake to their starseed origins, many are actively coming into their own awareness around what that means and how that is relevant for their life.

Starseed simply means originating from the stars, here to 'seed' change from the innate knowledge and energies to out create the limitations that are happening on our planet at this time.

Depending on ones own personal development and how much effort someone has committed to their own conscious awareness, will greatly affect how tapped into this area someone is capable of being. Becoming conscious does require a commitment to elevating ones vibration to be able to have a different possibility.

I am so grateful that the collective is awakening at this time, faster than ever before to out create the insanity that has gone on long enough. Everything accelerating gives an advantage to those who are just coming into new awareness around their activated consciousness to be able to connect and to benefit from the advantages that star seeds can harness, if they are willing and able to do the work required to thrive.

Starseeds can come from one or many various planetary systems, which can hold unique gifts and challenges for them to overcome in this physical earth existence. Although some adapt more easily than others, many often struggle with emotional hypersensitivity to violence, chemical and synthetic overload. As well as communicating in ways that most are confused or offended by since they do not play into the dysfunction and insanity drama. Starseeds prefer harmony and unity consciousness instead of competition.

What does being a starseed mean? From my own experience, it is simply the awareness of one or sometimes many lifetimes incarnated on other planets. Some may dream about these lives, have visions in meditation or just come into knowing from a movie or visiting a sacred site. This can be a very subtle awareness for some, while being a knowing for me from as early as I can remember. For some watching certain historical times in movies can create recall for whatever you may have also done in other lifetimes, here and possibly for many other planets and civilizations.

So why is being a starseed important? Starseeds carry light and conscious knowing in countless ways that support raising awareness, creating healthy solutions and keeping peace wherever they go. For more in depth explanation, listen to intuitive lifestyle success podcast starseed episodes including ones titled What is a starseed? and Are your stars calling you? will go into more detail to share how the knowledge and gifts that all star seeds carry is a gift to seed the planet with light so that is can elevate in vibrational frequency to be able to restore to balance and find a harmonic of well-being that IS still possible.

Access consciousness teaches that your laughter and joy heals the earth. As we worry and choose to speak of doom and drama we destroy the earth. Every molecule is listening to every word you choose. Including every cell in your body. What if you only spoke of what you would like to future sustainability on earth to be and look like? What if we expected to feel better? Are your stars calling you? What are you here to uniquely contribute to a different possibility on earth at this time?

If you are challenged with common starseed issues such as isolation, psychic blockages or physical challenges due to sensitivities, you may benefit from a starseed session with a conscious facilitator who can assist to empower you to better handle and understand your own energy system. The good news is you have an incredible inner GPS when you are healthy and connected so always trust that before anyone or anything to know what is true and real for you. And keep reaching for the stars.

Cathleen Miller Internationally Acclaimed Master Intuitive, Energy Healer, Author

Starseed Multidimensional Channel, Access Consciousness Facilitator, Conscious Business Coach

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