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How Intuition Saved My Life

intuition development

Healthy and clear intuition is invaluable and can guide you around or through any challenge in your life. In my opinion intuitive intelligence is everyones greatest asset in life. It can help guide you to be more physically secure, while also guiding you around countless issues of nonsense we deal with everywhere these days.

Intuition has actually, literally, saved my life on numerous occasions. One time driving when my children were very small, I remember being on the highway while in a hurry to get home with hungry kids in the car. I was speeding in attempting to get into the fast lane to move through traffic quicker when all of a sudden, a very clear and firm voice said "get in the slow lane now." Something about the tone made me immediately follow that command alongside a strong knowing to immediately shift into the right lane, which I followed.

Even though it seemed like everything was fine since I had plenty of space around the cars to move over. Yet as soon as I immediately got over into the right lane, literally within five seconds, I kid you not, a car in the fast lane right where I was going towards to sneak in the fast lane to get ahead, crashed into another car that also somebody spun sideways and smashed into the median hitting another car in the middle lane. I shot ahead going from the slow lane into the grass on the side of the highway, and then winding out away from the cars going everywhere because so many cars buckled or speed up that I actually lost count