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Intuitive Mentorship : 3 tips to support your spiritual awakening

spiritual mentor

Like it or not, we are all in an accelerated time of greater spiritual awakening on planet earth. Between radical global shifts, massive contrast of theories around what 'reality' even means, all of this plays into our own unique experience of spiritual expansion.

Wild thing is that becoming conscious is optional. You can keep your head in the sand (which many do very well) but then you can hold yourself out of holistic balance that is key to wellness. Lines of spiritual right and wrong are being blurred like never before into an interesting co-existence of all beliefs and theories around higher consciousness. I know this is happening because in working with clients of all background and faiths around the world never before in my close to two decades of coaching and healing work are more unique and diverse people coming my way seeking to elevate themselves.

In my opinion the most profound awakening of the collective is that we actually have a choice in what we choose to believe. Instead of defaulting to prior repetition of early exposure to religious conditioning. This is not to go against, or for any religious training. For that which makes you more joyful and live from love is serving you well. Yet how we define any label of religion, spiritual group or consciousness practice is uniquely right for each of us in our own way.

While this runs contrary to most spiritual dogmatic conditioning, true consciousness allows everything, while aligning with the (belief system, faith, practice) which brings peace, harmony and contributes to unity and wellbeing for all. I love that more people that ever before are embracing that all loving paths lead to a super conscious all that is, source energy.

I was raised strict catholic and also introduced to several faiths throughout the years. Many of which I threw myself into with vigor to get spirituality 'right.' Only to find myself feeling more wrong and off than where I began with each new group. The more I listened and followed my own source connection within, the more I was guided to ever increasing wellbeing, happiness and harmony that I enjoy and intuitively coach through spiritual mentorship today.

We are all on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journeys throughout life. While some of us are quite developed in one or all of these areas, there is no end to the mastery that can be experienced in each of these parts of our life. Spiritual awakening is not a one time happening. It is not one day or year experience that comes in and then it is just done. It is an ongoing evolution of expanding into more of ourselves in ways we are ready for when new teachers, experiences and pathways show up.

Here are a few spiritual mentor tips to support your spiritual awakening

1- Prioritize consistent personal intuitive time to discover your own now spiritual truth - taking time on a regular basis through meditation and self actualization to get clear on your own soul purpose is important to not be overly influenced by outside agendas. While spiritual community support can be wonderful to share your path, only you know what is true and right for you. If your guidance is loving, kind and healthy for yourself and others then you are connected well. If not then getting support to establish a healthier connection is important.

2- Raise your bar of vibrational standards with everything and everyone - often in a new wave of awakening a heightened sensitivity to people, environments, circumstances (which once may have seemed fine) are suddenly way off and needing sometimes immediate change. Again getting clear on your soul path and the direction you are guided to move forward in is key to be able to know what changes of who you are spending time with and where you are choosing to be may be useful to evaluate to ensure the most support for your health and happiness along the way. Again using common sense and healthy practicality to discern what is right for you is important to be able to stay grounded with what is truly supporting you and what may be keeping you in chaos.

3- Find your soul community for support and to enjoy the journey - this may also change from one group to another depending on your soul chart and what you are aspiring to experience in this life. For me I went to over a dozen schools from pre-k to college all with radically different religious, economic and belief backgrounds which gave me an amazing contrast of experience to realize how many systems of truth, reality and possibility are out there. While I am a passionately inspired spiritual seeker, I know that discovering more is infinite and that enjoying the spiritual expansion of discovering our joy and true love is what this is all about for us.

No matter where you are on your own spiritual path right now, know that reading this blog right now has something for you. There is nothing you do that is random (although a lot can seem it). Either a confirmation of what you suspected or perhaps an opening for allowing a shift that will take you further. Letting that be enough today can free you up to allow more insight and enjoyment of your path.

Cathleen Miller Master Intuitive Business Coach, Spiritual Medium Mentor + Energy Healer

Distance Intuitive Business Mentorship, VIP Events + Retreats

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