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Intuitive Questions | Clearing Intuitive Business Blocks

intuitive business coaching

Most businesses run from theorized assumptions about what the "right steps" are to be implementing for each stage. While fundamental business structure certainly has its place, a huge advantage to support accelerating progress comes with combining a solid business strategic plan alongside sound intuitive awareness for timing and choices. These together can guide you to the best route for your business, optimizing conditions for success.

As a leading intuitive business coach, the majority of my clients are seeking intuitive development support to better clarify what is going on in their personal business challenges. Every business owner wants to be able to create success with more ease which intuitive awareness can create. While everyone is intuitive, not everyone is fully tapped into their own innate gifts to be able to receive the advantages, where they really count.

Quality questions can support us tuning into our power. When we find the right question for what we are dealing with in each moment, we can improve our awareness of what the priority energy is revealing around each focal point. This is why words are only as powerful as their emotional strength (of meaning to us). Which tends to vary from person to person. Understanding intuitive energy takes practice but the benefits are profound.

For example, being able to tap into your intuition about a hire that could create a department upheaval, or having a heads up about contracting with a partner who is only out for themselves, can let you side step countless dollars and or hours of pain. More often than not, people are judging from logic over intuitive clarity which is where they can miss subtle cues that could make all the difference.

One of the most common feedback comments I get from clients is being challenged by negative work environments. Disgruntled employees, unhappy vendors or partners, can all put you on the defense to lose clear inner sight around what choices are still possible. This is why developing your own intuitive energy and personal balance comes first. If you don't truly master your own energy then you will keep chasing your tail from outer influences.

Here are a few of my expert intuitive business tips to help you steady your center, improve your energy and align with your highest vision for success.

3 Tips To Clear Top Intuitive Business Blocks

1. Lose Your Mind - more often than not our logic around any issue will block intuition every time. When it comes to business with time and so much invested, it is easy to try to control outcome which again can potentially fog our energy awareness of what else may be important to consider in the choice at hand. As you relax your mind (or mental body) to be able to tune into more subtle awarenesses of the factors that are important to consider then you will be more likely to be inspired to the best choice your intuition is guiding you around.

2. Go Solo - while many businesses have teams and departments that are all important to make decisions, having everyone else's expectations can pull us out of our own clear personal awareness. This can muddle our inner knowing that gets more challenging to confirm as we add more opinions and expectations to it. When you excuse yourself even for a few minutes from the group can help you get clear. Take a walk around the building or get some space in an empty hall to breath and tune into what you do know about whatever is going on. As you relax the healthiest and wisest choice should become clear to align you with peace of mind that comes with intuitive success.

3. Follow The Light - energy is fluid and always in never ending probabilities of what can happen. While many want psychic forecasts of what is going to happen, it is important to remember there are highly likely outcomes but when you are following energy you can let go of being right and simply follow energy. There is never any one right answer. Energy flow and possibilities of opportunities are infinite. Tuning into intuition to following inner guidance will begin guiding you into more dynamic positive change to make the most of each step and choice along the way.

Intuitive business development takes time. As you build your confidence by showing yourself that when you follow your gut and things work out you begin to expect more from everything. That confidence will grow and support you to become an intuitive business leader to enjoy conscious capitalism and generate greater impact for many around you. The more you tune in the more you get out on the leading edge of expansion.

Cathleen Miller Master Intuitive Business Coach

Distance Intuitive Business Mentorship, VIP Events + Retreats


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