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Is Your Mate a Healthy Soul Fit?

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

couple kissing in rain

No matter if you are in day one of a new relationship, or have been married for decades, there is always soul exchange happening in every relationship. Question is....are you in a healthy relationship that is contributing to each others soul happiness and health? Or are you in a relationship that is draining and depleting your energies and wellbeing?

Only you can get real with you on where things really are in your relationships right now. Good news is that you can decide at any time to improve your energy and intuitive awareness to be a healthier communicator, so you can begin to ask for and create better. 

Ask yourself......Am I really the healthiest soul partner for my ideal mate? Tough question, but wow if you can go there and get honest about taking better care of your life habits, body, or prioritizing more emotional balance and care, or more mental space to be more available for a healthy relationship then you can open awareness about what choices could get you there.