Life After Covid

life after covid 19

As a collective, we are all standing at a new threshold of possibilities like never before. Extremes of chaos will only continue to widen the gap of positive and negative potentials on any subject. What will ultimately create moving forward depends on where we each choose to focus. The power we have to contribute to our own wellbeing, business and planetary transformation is there, if and when we are willing to move into it. Yet facing negative or positive expectations, outcomes, and experiences will depend on the thoughts, choices and beliefs we each choose in every moment.

As an intuitive business consultant and energy healer, one thing I am clearing daily on almost every client is what I call "auric sludge." Even though most are still quarantined at this time, there is still an accumulation of toxicity of an energetically visible residue which is useful for us all to keep clear of through self clearing techniques (free immunity audio on site), or by working with a quality intuitive energy facilitator.

Strengthening your own energetic intelligence is the greatest support to keep your body well, your life thriving and to stay positive in this time of global transformation.

While we are all intuitive, most ignore this, or simply over ride their knowing with logic. Or give into the influence of media and or others, which is easy to do. Right now millions are asking what life is going to be like after Covid 19 runs its course? What is the "new norm"? Who will we be? The power of that question is unlimited for anyone willing to use this time to transmute into the best of self in every way and expand beyond any limitation.

How can you come out of this global reset healthier, happier with a greater future vision? Are you willing to allow this to clarify your priorities and rebirth a new vision that may actually serve you and everyone better. How can we all stay focused on the countless positive environmental impacts that may be keeping us all alive in the long run? These are a few supportive questions to keep you in positive momentum.

One more major topic of intensity right now is the future of economy and business? Someone mentioned to me yesterday that they were not being paid because a business they work with was recommended by an expert to cut all spending for a full year before doing anything new from the current business plan. While I am all for intuitive business forecasting and definitely working smart during this time, it is important to consider future impacts for knee jerk scarcity choices that many are choosing.

What this energetic example of expert financial recommendation destroys is two fold. One, it stops flow of creation in a logical attempt to control by putting on the brakes in a completely out of control, fluid, ever changing market. Two, it completely side steps and overlooks the possibilities and potential of creating anything new right now that could potentially generate more than the original business plan, by concluding that nothing is worth while to invest in.

The false premise of this fearful attempt to control (which only contracts possibility) recommendation, is one that assumes lack and scarcity are inevitable. Anyone who chooses to go this route will definitely find a dead end outcome in the business landscape ahead. What if there is another way? What if we all were willing to move into a more conscious business and commerce in a way that can create new win-win opportunities and revenue streams that are possible in 2020 and beyond.

What new universe of conscious health, business, social and global upgrades would you like to create together?

Intuitive Business + Wellness Consultant Cathleen Miller

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