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Life After Covid

life after covid 19

As a collective, we are all standing at a new threshold of possibilities like never before. Extremes of chaos will only continue to widen the gap of positive and negative potentials on any subject. What will ultimately create moving forward depends on where we each choose to focus. The power we have to contribute to our own wellbeing, business and planetary transformation is there, if and when we are willing to move into it. Yet facing negative or positive expectations, outcomes, and experiences will depend on the thoughts, choices and beliefs we each choose in every moment.

As an intuitive business consultant and energy healer, one thing I am clearing daily on almost every client is what I call "auric sludge." Even though most are still quarantined at this time, there is still an accumulation of toxicity of an energetically visible residue which is useful for us all to keep clear of through self clearing techniques (free immunity audio on site), or by working with a quality intuitive energy facilitator.

Strengthening your own energetic intelligence is the greatest support to keep your body well, your life thriving and to stay positive in this time of global transformation.