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Covid quarantine support

While most are eager to get back to their more regular life and daily routine of "life before covid," truth is, we are all in a new everything, everywhere. Changes in our businesses, society, travel anywhere in the world, are only a few of the life after covid shifts that will continue to unfold over time. Keeping energetically balanced within yourself along the way is definitely the longevity plan to thrive within these interesting times.

Even with many facing extremes in radical change or loss, it is still an incredibly powerful time of ongoing transformation for everyone. New opportunities to do things differently and better, go in a new direction entirely or get clearer on what you really do desire to happen can clarify what is next for you.

For those struggling with anger, fear or blame around countless theories, projections and limitations keeping them powerless things can seem bleak. If someone outside of you needs to clean this up, or fix it, then you will have no peace until that is done. What if you can let limitations go and contribute to this coming into balance within yourself?

What I invite you to here is a quarantine quest that is right and appropriate for you within your own personal circumstances at this time. Maybe you are sick with the virus right now and determined to get better so you can be healthier than ever? Maybe your business closed and you are not sure what to do next? Maybe you are feeling fine and doing well in business but asking for what you can do to contribute to positive change?

No matter where you are in this collective wave, your life matters. You can align within yourself to feel better, while intending to come out of this time better than you ever realized possible. What if your own personal quest to improve your own wellness and joy could heal the planet and contribute to collective stabilizing now?

If you are still in quarantine or limited public access then why not make the best of it and see what you can improve to make your life better? Here are a few tips that may inspire you.

Tips To Create Your Own Quarantine Quest:

1. Choose a personal quest time line that feels right for you. This can be 3 days, a week, or 30 days or however long you are confident you can commit to change. Take into account your schedule and what you are sure you can follow through on to be sure its right for you.

2. Decide which area of your life you desire the most change. Are you over eating right now? Drinking a bit too much? Slightly hoarding? Then a body challenge or detox may be right for you (always check with your doctor before starting any new diet program). Are you dealing with emotional overload? Adding 30 days of meditation can definitely support that coming into balance. Asking deeper questions about life and your path? Asking to be guided to virtual group online community to find free resources and inspiration.

3. Set yourself up for success. Mark your calendar, ask for a buddy to join you to support accountability or keep track in as many ways that feel fun. The more you can anticipate setting yourself up to stay in the game and keep going when you are breaking old habits and patterns can be tricky. Be sure to find specific things or ways to keep you on course like healthy snacks in the fridge for the week, adding exercise to your daily calendar etc.

4. Commit to change. Even the best made plans tend to be challenged at some point, so being sure you are reinforcing your desire for what your quest is personally about can keep you going when things get blurry. Making index cards with supportive affirmations, giving yourself mini treats along the way can all help keep you committed to change and realizing you are way more capable than you may have previously thought. Even a little better is still better so everything matters and can help you feel encouraged to keep going.

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Intuitive Business + Wellness Consultant Cathleen Miller


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