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Women with Sparklers

LIVE Chakra Healing Women's Empowerment Series
8 Week 'Sexy ON' Zoom Series with Cathleen Miller
FREE Introduction Audio Replay

COMING SOON 10amPST/11amMT/12pmCT/1pmET
*weekly replay audios available for group (if you are unable to make live calls)
you can still email questions to be answered for weekly calls

FREE Chakra Healing Sexy On ZoomCathleen Miller
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Are you courageous enough to dive deep

into this crazy misunderstood, wounded, confused, wild space of SEX,

which is completely linked and way more about your money flows, your energy, your relationships, your body esteem, your business or personal confidence AND more importantly your ability to create every single thing in your life

While this private women's group tele-series will be a completely intuitive flow for whatever conscious healing is showing up, group areas covered will include:

- opportunities to mail in or ask your questions LIVE with Cathleen to

heal your energy blocks around body, money and sex

that are keeping you out of healthier sexual, financial + wellness flow

- activate your creative superpowers

through weekly assignments to build your intuitive body mind soul connection

-learn how generate more money, wellbeing + aliveness

through clearing + developing healthy lower chakra flows

-receive weekly group facilitation + energy healing

with Master Intuitive Cathleen Miller 

-private series group page with resources, audio replays and support info

Woman's Torso Lying

This series is for you IF

  • you are ready to be more aligned in your body mind connection to improve your intuitive awareness

  • you are seeking to ignite your creative spark to manifest more of what you are desiring in your life + sexual reality

  • you are eager to improve your sexual esteem and love of yourself

  • you would like skills to be more generative in your energy, money and chakra strength for more daily balance

This series is NOT for you IF

  • you are not willing to change or get out of your comfort zone

  • you blame everyone else for your body and money problems and unwilling to own your issues to be able to change them!

  • you love your limitation back story so much you are not willing to trade it to create an unlimited future

  • you are unwilling to be conscious about your life and choices

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