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VIP 1 Day On Location Intuitive Lifestyle Experience


This on location immersion experience with Cathleen includes in depth evaluation for your goals, hands on strategic planning to identify, clear and activate the main areas you are ready to transform. As a master intuitive practitioner, Cathleen focuses on your specific business, health, relationship or any core issues relevant to create massive change for your life. Personal ceremony, environmental clearing of home and or office, holistic wellness evaluation, energy therapy work, intuitive life reading as useful can all be part of your customized experience. Advanced mentoring and coaching will improve your body-mind connection while also integrating your business, relationships and every area of your life you are seeking up upgrade.


Available US + Canada for on location travel in.​​ Minimum of 4 hours required with additional hours added as useful in addition to standard travel expenses. 


Time can be used for intuitive reading, coaching, business evaluation, at home hands on intuitive reorganization and updates, optional (if needed) kitchen and diet overhaul/shopping support, energy therapy whole body session (as needed), relationship coaching, image upgrade personal closet evaluation and useful sacred ceremony to give you the most transformative experience appropriate for you to feel awesome, renew your confidence and get ignited on your soul purpose so you can achieve your own unique vision of success. ​​​​​

​"I feel AMAZING since our visit and had been at a zero pain level for the first time in 3 years for over a week! Lately a few aches and pains creep back in, but nothing remotely close to what I was dealing with before. My massage therapist could not believe the difference! You really helped me pivot my thoughts on a lot of things.  I have been doing some good 3rd chakra work and am seeing some changes in personal power in my life. I have felt incredibly grounded since we visited." -C.G. Blue Springs, MO

I went to mii amo in Sedona to recover from major unexpected health issues.  I’d always lived a very healthy lifestyle, and I was overwhelmed with my diagnosis, surgery, and attempts at recovery. Cathleen was conducting a seminar at the retreat center, and I was so captivated by her energy, and the way she taught me to view life differently, that I rescheduled my appointments there so that I could attend all of Cathleen’s holistic wellness retreat program and did a private session with her. I have been working with her now via distance phone sessions for about a year, and not only do I feel better physically, but I am learning new ways to live my life that are so much more productive.  Cathleen has helped me find an inner peace, more confidence, and an understanding – at a whole new level – that life is a journey to be lived to its fullest. – BB, Tennessee

“Cathleen is one of the most gifted intuitive healers I have ever worked with. Please let me know if you are ever able to schedule to be here in Tampa again.” -SR owner Raydiance Wellness & Helio Spa Tampa, Florida

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