Wellness Member Series Packages   

Member Series offers both 30 and 60min session discount series packages giving you the flexibility to use your sessions at anytime within your valid series dates which begin on your date of purchase. 


Most continue coaching (many several years) after experiencing tremendous ongoing value for their health, business, relationships and goals. See client testimonials from wellness members who doubled revenue, found love, launched successful businesses, improved relationships, recovered from major health issues and much more. 


Series Member Benefits

  • align yourself to make 2020 your best year personally and professionally 

  • ongoing accountability to maintain quality progress to achieve your goals

  • progressive support to improve long term personal or wellness issues

  • monthly clutch insight to keep up with unexpected challenges of any kind

  • consistent strengthening of your confidence and self image critical for success

  • wellness team support to stay fit, energetic and radiantly beautiful 

  • intuitive development for you to master your own energy awareness

  • clear focus to improve your health, relationships, business, money (or any issue)

  • monthly member perks for friends + family new client discounts

Wellness Member Series Options 

3 Series Focus

3 60min Intuitive Sessions *valid 6 months from purchase date SAVE 100.

reg 900. ONLY 799.

3 Series Clarity

30min Intuitive Sessions *valid 6 months from purchase date SAVE 50.

reg 525. ONLY 475.

Client members are responsible to book and complete all series sessions within the above valid dates which begin on your series purchase date. See FAQ page for all policies and terms. *Member discounts not valid for on location sessions, retreats or VIP events. 


For questions please call or email aloha@holisticmedium.com

I've been experiencing tremendous benefits of ongoing wellness plan sessions with Cathleen for well over a year now. Making the initial decision was a commitment to myself and an investment in my physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. When I first arrived at her door I was physically and emotionally drained and disconnected. Since that time, everything has changed. Cathleen's incredible expertise and ongoing support (not to mention the accountability of a monthly session!) throughout my journey has positively impacted every aspect of my life. Things that seemed far fetched two years ago have transpired with ease: I've moved to a new city to pursue an amazing career opportunity, nearly doubled my salary, started a blog, and bought a new car. Emotionally, I am more peaceful, loving, and grateful than ever before. I have released toxic friendships and relationships and find myself surrounded by supportive friends that elevate me to be the best person I can be. I feel inspired and empowered to ask for more out of life and I am consistently in awe of how much better it continues to get. -Marina Daldalian Chicago, IL 

“Thank you for coming into my life when you did, I am not sure where I would be otherwise. You have taught me so many beautiful things. While life is not always a cake-walk, it is simple. You’ve given me the tools to believe and maintain this truth. I thank God for crossing our paths.” -DP Palm Harbor, FL

Intuitive Lifestyle Success


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