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Client Love Testimonials

“I have done countless alternative therapies for pain and depression for years now. All of those combined did not touch 1/100th of what just shifted in this ONE SESSION with you! THANK YOU!”-Palm Beach, FL -Jen R.


"Best life coach EVER!!! We were ready to give up on our struggling business. One session with Cathleen and with her fabulous help, we changed our thinking and turned it all around......FAST." - Sande & Mike A.

So blessed I have increased my sales again 36% in 2020! I wrote a number a couple years back and I made it. Thank You, thank You, thank You for your continuing support. Your healing has been amazing since I met You. I know and feel have come long ways since I was sitting in your office contemplating moving back. And You told me You saw fireworks well there have been fireworks and a combination of things. So thankful Deane S. Overland Park KS

“Cathleen is one of the most gifted intuitive healers I have ever worked with. Please let me know if you are ever able to schedule to be here in Tampa again.” -SR owner Raydiance Wellness & Helio Spa Tampa, Florida

Just finished my end of year financials and realized my real estate business revenue increased 58% in 2018! My monthly member business coaching with you this past year has definitely made all the difference for my personal growth and success!  -Gina S. KC 

Hello Cathleen We had a consultation last July and you said when I move to California that there would be lots of opportunity for me here. Well it is proven to be true. I opened a business last month and work came in from day one. The most exciting news is that I finally had one of my songs in a Television program on National Geographic -Beth H. California

"I feel AMAZING since our visit and had been at a zero pain level for the first time in 3 years for over a week! Lately a few aches and pains creep back in, but nothing remotely close to what I was dealing with before. My massage therapist could not believe the difference! You really helped me pivot my thoughts on a lot of things.  I have been doing some good 3rd chakra work and am seeing some changes in personal power in my life. I have felt incredibly grounded since we visited." -Carol G. Blue Springs, MO


Bliss(OM)ing Soul Retreat Lumeria Maui Resort group retreat participant:

“I loved the schedule, free time in the morning and afternoon was perfect, the big outing to snorkel was just enough adventure time, and I really enjoyed ending with group work.  The BlissOMing experience was like being home – completely at ease, with no masks, no walls, nothing to keep me from experiencing true peace, deep love, and elevated consciousness. The support and positive energy of the group helped me release old patterns and negativity and welcome light and joy in its place. Cathleen masterfully created a program that supported the whole group and me as an individual. It was everything I hoped and needed, and so so much more… I absolutely loved every minute of my time in Maui.”  -Marina D. Chicago IL


Cathleen- I wanted to check in to let you know how our daughter is doing after your session with her. And she is doing SO MUCH better. She has been so much happier since we came to see you. There have been a few instances this week before we came to see you, would have resulted in her getting out of control of her feelings, now she has been able to easily calm herself down, or she didn't get worked up in the first place. The really amazing thing, which I'm sure won't surprise you at all :) was her neurofeedback appointment. I have attached a photo from her EEG. On the left (before) is the best her brain has ever looked since we first started neurofeedback in May, but still incredibly dysregulated. On the right (Tuesdays brain EEG scan after your session) she is perfectly regulated. Her brain has never looked like that or even close to it before. I cried when I saw this - it is just so wonderful, and we have you to thank for it. The biofeedback center is also amazed, but not shocked, since they led me in the direction of contacting you. Words cannot even being to express how grateful we are. Thank you for sharing your gift with others. -Erin P Kansas City


For years, I had the IUD, then I was taking birth control pills which prevented me from having a monthly period. The doctors always advised that it was normal not to have a period on the IUD and low estrogen birth control, so I never worried. After 8 years, we wanted to get pregnant so I came off the birth control pills and was looking for my period to come but nothing ever came. I didn't worry in the beginning because since I was 11 years old, they had always been very irregular (sometimes coming every other month or every few months). After nine months of no period, I went to the doctor and started taking plant based progesterone to help. The first couple of months it brought a very spotty/light period, but then it didn't come for over 7 weeks.  I decided to schedule a session with Cathleen. She helped me clear some blocks around my period which had been there as a child.  We also discussed my desires to get pregnant and some blocks that I may have unconsciously.  The wonderful news is that I spoke with Cathleen Tuesday afternoon and by Saturday morning, my period came! Thank you Cathleen for helping to remove barriers and blocks that I didn't realize I had. -Tina K. FL


YOU WERE RIGHT ON with the issue I had this month!! I contacted my accountant and she discovered that not only do I owe nothing to the state department, but she found an error on my 2013 filing that I NEVER would have noticed... and I am going to RECEIVE almost $3k back from 2013. Wow. I am just laughing so hysterically right now. So much fun :) -Marina D. Chicago


Thank you so much. My life session call with you did some major deep over haul on things. Appreciate all the insight and things you suggested that I can do, which have helped. You did some HUGE deep cleaning and I have really felt a difference in being centered.  Certain things and issues that have in the past triggered BIG issues for me do not affect me any more. I have applied what you suggested and things have shifted. As always it's a work in progress. You really helped me in some wonderful ways.  Thank you again!  Your work is amazing! :) -Perry W. Overland Park, KS

Thank you Cathleen for the awareness that you helped me get to about teaching my yoga classes. I had more students in my yoga class today that wanted to come back, and I taught from a place of me. I felt different, more connected and not afraid to be me. After class, one of my students told me that I was so soothing and that I got her to relax. I got to let go into the ease of truly believing in myself. I feel wonderful. Hayley P. Leawood, KS


I'm writing you to say how much I have received from our one LIFE SESSION! These words cannot possibly express the surplus of positives you helped me access. I know it was within me the whole time. It wasn't something you had to give, it was your guidance to help me reach it. Ok, I didn't know it was in me but I do now. Your guidance showed me it was within me the whole time. Thank you for showing me how to surrender that battle.

The weekend before our phone consultation I became so deflated. It was the first gorgeous spring weekend, my schedule was clear and emotions took over. I had lost the belief in myself. I couldn't trust my own inner strength and positive energy that had taken me so far. 

You gave that back to me. It's going to be OK. Better than enough. I have inside of me, enough and then some. It was there, it hadn't left. "It" didn't deceive me. I CAN trust my inner self. You gave all of that back. Not only is it so wonderful having that back, I get to know I don't have to push. I can relax. I cannot tell you how long it's been that I've given my little sprit a break. Shew,  we'll deserved. I've just struggled for so long I really needed to let you know how great I feel. I'm learning to meditate differently and instead of reaching, pushing, stretching to tap into that next level, I'm relaxing into it. It works! I really went to that next level. I've never been that far and it was exhilarating. Thank you thank you thank you. - Katrina L. North Carolina


January 2013 Mii amo Enchantment Resort & Spa Sedona Arizona Group Soul Retreat participant:

“My friend and I planned a retreat trip to Mii amo Enchantment Resort & Spa in Sedona without even realizing that Cathleen was leading a journey retreat there and it ended up being a life changing experience. After a guided group past life regression meditation, I shared with Cathleen that I had felt a heaviness in my heart center. She responded intuitively about a prior life I had regressed to in the meditation having a negative affect on my heart and after the release that I would feel a zap and then my heart rate and blood pressure would return to normal. The amazing thing is that she had no idea that I had struggled with a heart problem for 17 years. The women sitting next to me, who I later found out was a medical doctor, said that she saw the color immediately come into my face. Cathleen let me know that it might feel a little uncomfortable because I wasn’t used to having a normal heart rate but that it would take about a week to adjust. For me this was truly a miracle. After being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome 17 years ago I tried everything traditional medicine had to offer and nothing helped. With a healthy life stye, practicing yoga, and meditating everyday I got myself to a place where I could feel pretty good. But if I did anything aerobic or pushed myself to hard I would trigger a response that would take days to recover from. I set my intention on this trip to return with strength and vitality and thanks to Cathleen I did. I have been home for 10 days and I have been able to exercise moderately and I feel wonderful.” GRATEFULLY, -Anne, Mii Amo Resort Sedona Arizona


I've been experiencing the tremendous benefits of ongoing Monthly Wellness Plan Phone Sessions with Cathleen for well over a year now. Making the initial decision was a commitment to myself and an investment in my physical, emotional, and spiritual growth. When I first arrived at her door I was physically and emotionally drained and disconnected. Since that time, everything has changed. Cathleen's incredible expertise and ongoing support (not to mention the accountability of a monthly session!) throughout my journey has positively impacted every aspect of my life. Things that seemed far fetched two years ago have transpired with ease: I've moved to a new city to pursue an amazing career opportunity, nearly doubled my salary, started a blog, and bought a new car. Emotionally, I am more peaceful, loving, and grateful than ever before. I have released toxic friendships and relationships and find myself surrounded by supportive friends that elevate me to be the best person I can be. I feel inspired and empowered to ask for more out of life and I am consistently in awe of how much better it continues to get. -Marina D Chicago, IL


Before I began the 5 week Life Series with Cathleen, I was stuck in a rut and was searching for a change that would bring me happiness. I had a good job and family life, but still, something didn’t feel right. Even after seeing a counselor, reading many self-help books, along with trying other strategies, I was starting to feel more hopeless, unable to identify what that change could be. I found Cathleen’s website and instantly knew that it was exactly what I needed. After having my first session, I learned so much about myself and my beliefs that were holding me back. I immediately started to feel grounded and hopeful again. Each session provided me with a deeper healing that I didn’t even realize I needed. My original intention for seeing her was to find a sense of direction in my life. She ended up uncovering deep rooted insecurities and false beliefs that I was holding on to, created from previous experiences in my life, some that I had totally forgotten about or was unaware of. These were completely blocking my true potential. Each session brought me to a higher level that would have taking years to obtain, if at all. Now looking back, I don’t even feel like my former self. Cathleen has helped me uncover my unique gifts which I can nurture and help others with. That is exactly what I was looking for. I went from having limited beliefs and perceptions of what I was capable of, to now having the courage, self-confidence, and clarity to create changes in my life that are far beyond what I ever thought possible. The best thing is that I finally feel like I love myself for the first time in my life. Cathleen is so compassionate for her work and truly cares for the people she heals. It is so comforting to know that as I continue to grow, she has a variety of services to help me along life’s journey. -Shawna E Overland Park, KS


I met Cathleen about a year ago.  I went to a retreat center in Arizona to recover physically, spiritually, and emotionally from some major unexpected health issues.  I’d always lived a very healthy lifestyle, and I was overwhelmed with my diagnosis, surgery, and attempts at recovery.  Cathleen was conducting a seminar at the retreat center, and I was so captivated by her energy, and the way she taught me to view life differently, that I rescheduled my appointments there so that I could attend all of Cathleen’s holistic wellness retreat program and also did a private session with her.  I have been working with her now via distance phone sessions for about a year, and not only do I feel better physically, but I am learning new ways to live my life that are so much more productive.  Cathleen has helped me find an inner peace, more confidence, and an understanding – at a whole new level – that life is a journey to be lived to its fullest. – Brie B, Tennessee


Hi Cathleen- I wanted to share my exciting news! My phone session with you had me re think my business and clients. I just re filled all my spots. I now work Monday - Thursday (dream schedule).  All my clients are paying 2 week deposits and for the month.  I am now in a great place!!  Thank you so much for helping me refocus and put my life into place again.  You are amazing!  I appreciate your help. This is my first week of my new schedule and I am so excited and happy. -Helen R North Carolina


“Being More Intuitive” was my first experience with a GROUP WEBINAR CALL. I thought I knew what to expect but as questions started coming in from across the country and the world, I was astonished. The session was addressing so many things that I myself had been struggling with – pain in my left hip, poor boundaries with others, and trusting my intuition. I experienced an intense emotional release during the session and even began crying at one point. The energy of so many other people being guided along the same journey was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I am so looking forward to the next one and will be bringing a friend with me for her first experience with Cathleen! -Mia D Kansas City KS June 2013 Group Healing Teleseminar Participant


“I wanted to share that your North Carolina Holistic Therapy retreat was an experience I will never forget and something that will have an impact on my life forever. I came in nervous and skeptical but once I was there I knew I was in the right place and with the right people. For the the first time in a long time I feel free and happy (and out of the unmotivated state I was previously stuck in). Doing these retreats will change your life forever and move you forward. Thank you both so much!” -Maria J Holiday FL


Your Living Without Anxiety group healing Teleseminar on Saturday was wonderful!  Your guidance through explaining what can attribute to feeling anxious (picking up others’ energies) paired with providing everyday life examples on how to use your awareness to release the feeling/energy to hold your center was so clear and helpful.  -Dena P Aspen Colorado


“Thank you soo much Cathleen! I really appreciate all of your help thus far. I have been wanting to email you and let you know how your ‘Living the Spiral’ cleanse went. You were right, it was definitely transformational! In just 30 days my diet completely, and I hope, permanently changed. I feel really good and lost around 7 pounds. I also feel really grounded, which is something I haven’t felt in a really long time. I hadn’t gotten my menstrual cycle in 2 years because of poor health and from being ungrounded I believe, and towards the end of the cleanse I got my cycle again! There’s so much more but I am not going to drone one! I just wanted to thank you and say your a wonderful teacher, guide, friend, and person!” -Erin R New Jersey


“I am blown away my how well you could pinpoint my issues in our LIFE SESSION together, I could not quite articulate what I was going through the way you did. I really feel better and more energetic after our session (even a week later now). Thank you.” -Dina P Tampa, FL


“Our long distance phone session together was right on. It was really helpful for me to hear your input on certain issues, (which I knew were there) but could not quite articulate the way you did. You helped me to see things in a new light and not to be so hard on myself which for me is huge. I felt very calm after our session and still feel more relaxed even three days after our session. Thank you for your support.” -Jessica S Pittsburgh, PA


“After having both a distance phone session and then an in person therapy session with Cathleen in Tampa this past week, I found that my distance therapy session on speaker phone was definitely as powerful as the in person session… was the same process from the comfort of my own couch.” -Kara W FL.


“Before taking the spiral class, I was in a toxic job environment that was taking it’s toll on me personally. This class helped to clear out the mental blocks I held (about having to be in a miserable job in the first place). Then helped me keep a high level of clarity, to find out what I really wanted in and from my workplace. Before the class was finished, I found a much better job with people on my same wavelength. In my new found job I began to travel and have more freedom as I always hoped to do. I am so grateful for this class and feel forever changed from it. I was actually sad in the last class because I did not want it to end. This process really works.” -Jesse S. Indian Rocks Beach, FL


“I had a 1 hr session with Cathleen where she cleared 2 past lives for me. Wow!!! I have always had a problem wearing anything that touches my neck. It always, always bothered me – no turtlenecks, or even scarfs. Cathleen cleared an energy blockage in my throat center alongside the past life too and I am STILL amazed (now 4 months later) that I have no problem with clothing touching my neck now….In the same session Cathleen cleared blockages in my lungs. I have had sever lung problems (even traveling internationally for medical treatment and help to heal them) and have had a “grating” feeling inside of them which I honestly don’t address with doctors because it does not show up quantively on tests. After Cathleen explained my past life situation, this grating actually made sense and after this session my lungs have been more relaxed ever since. Although this may sound simple, they have made a big difference in my life – I am just more at ease in my own body now. Thank you.” -Carey L New York


“My Official homecoming from active duty! I recently returned from a 7 month deployment in the US Navy and was having trouble reconfiguring myself back into home life because I wasn’t able to focus at all, and I felt like I was starting to become more distant everyday. During the holiday break I had my first Sound Therapy session with Cathleen and I literally felt my mind and body realigning. For the first time in over a year my head was back on my shoulders! I was finally able to prioritize my life without a cloud of confusion effecting my judgment. This is hands down the best homecoming tool I could recommend to any Sailor, Marine, or any Soldier!” -US Navy soldier, FL 


“I had no idea so much was going to shift from this Living the Spiral seminar. I feel as though a whole new world has opened up for me! Now I just want to learn more. Our personal sessions have helped me to move through personal blocks that have affected my sleep, and energy since I was a child. I now feel a deep peace,Thank you.” -Doreen K. Seattle, WA


“This work has centered me like nothing I have ever done before. I love my gemstone chakra therapy stone set and keep it with me everywhere I go. I felt as though I was standing in your shoes often in the book and really “got” it. I know this is a 30 day process but I could not put the book down once I started it and ended up reading the whole thing through the night. I can’t wait to take the class and work with you personally.” -Else G. Belleair Beach, FL


“You are an inspiration to know. This session and spiral work was a very deep process for me and I feel transformed from it.” – Fae W. County Cork, Ireland


“Your Living the Spiral program has changed my life. I did not know so much would happen from the transformation, and feel I am on my path more than I have ever been in my life. I am so grateful.” -Khloe F


“What you said from my chakra reading was right on. This really helps me to know what I need to focus on to keep balance thank you so much for this work.” -Jen S.


“I can not believe how happy I felt after our Life Session together. I had so much energy and slept better that night than I had in a long time.” -Lee E. Clearwater, FL


“Since reading Living the Spiral I have a much greater awareness about many choices I am making now in my life. I never saw many simple things that really do make a difference. I also got the TV out of my bedroom so thank you.” -Jennifer S Tampa, FL


“Your Goddess Palm Island Retreat was AMAZING!!!!!! I had so much fun and really feel different and that nothing will be the same again. You also confirmed what I had been told a while ago about my future work here on the planet. Thank you for everything.” -Hanna W Tarpon Springs, FL


“The Goddess gathering group healing was incredible. After working with you I felt energy around me constantly and knew that things really shifted for the better. I feel things are getting better for me now and am so grateful you are doing this work. Thank you.” -Kel L Spring Hill, FL


“The toning bowl sound group!!!!! amazing- I have never experienced anything so incredible. The insights were really moving. I feel motivated to move on and change things I need too. Thank you.” -Pia Y Clearwater, FL


“I have no idea what you did in our Life Session but I just feel so different. I really believe what has followed me for a long time is gone. No logic – I am just better -I’ll take it!” -Kelsey S Tampa, FL


“Being at your Sound therapy group healing is the most peaceful I can remember feeling in a very long time. Thank you.” -IL Indian Rocks Bch, FL


“Thank you for coming into my life when you did, I am not sure where I would be otherwise. You have taught me so many beautiful things. While life is not always a cake-walk, it is simple. You’ve given me the tools to believe and maintain this truth. I thank God for crossing our paths.” -Dena P Palm Harbor, FL


“Working with you has really helped me alot so thank you. I know it is a lot to cleanse the body especially with a lot of emotional work. Your support has really made a difference.” -Katherine W Pinellas Park, FL


“I recently completed ‘The Spiral’ Workshop and cleanse described in the book by Cathleen Miller ‘Living the Spiral’ and I have to report that this combination assisted at shedding a very deep layer of lifetime(s) traumas, giving my life a new depth of clarity and organization. I have performed numerous cleanses, coached others through cleanses such as the Master Cleanse, lived a life dedicated to Yogic and Shamanic Principles and actions, and by far this cleanse has condensed my life practice and lifestyle into a 30 day art and life transforming formula. Cathleen speaks to your true self and ultimately to your SOUL. She provides living examples of how to look at life with full awareness and a consciousness that is of the sharpest insight. She has confirmed and assisted with my acceptance of living day to day as Sha-woman. Her work brings back the ability to respond to not only your own mind body and spirit cleanse but, to the ability to respond to the Earth’s call for assistance. I look forward to continuing to read and hear what comes through Cathleen’s’ fully connected channel of clear light.” -Author & Creator of S3 FL Elasa T.


“After the May Spiral class all of my energies feel reset. My connection to source is stronger. My qi is strengthened. My thought processes are upgraded. My heart is more open therefor I have more capacity to love. My intuition is stronger, messages and data are easier to pick up and recall. My diet feels balanced. Money is flowing more freely. I am sleeping deeper and awakening rested. My relationships feel fuller. I fully trust and feel at peace with the universe. My creativity flows easily now and projects are manifesting with ease. The spiral has enhanced my life greatly. Thank you.” -Linda Nash Stevenson Acupuncture Physician, Master Herbalist & Creator of the Living the Spiral Chakra Tinctures


“I noticed that after doing the Spiral class a few times I noticed that each time I repeated the class it was an entirely different dynamic. Good but challenging me to complete more within so I could have more peace in life. This work is incredible. I am very grateful to have found it.” -Petra L Palm Harbor FL

“I loved the bliss(om)ing class and really got a lot out of it. Also the meditation you led there, was the best meditation I have ever done. I have never been able to get that deep before ever. Your work is really amazing.” -Karin W Morgantown, WV


“Cathleen, Wow once again I am blown away by how much your session helped. I am really enjoying living with respect. I’m feeling completely different and getting good feed back from my kids”. Thanks, Ann -Iowa City


These are only a few of hundreds of letters and email testimonials our office receives on an ongoing basis from around the world for clients improving their lives from events, retreats and coaching with Cathleen.

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