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"Everything I gained in the last five days, I would not have found in my entire lifetime"

-Soul Fire Retreat participant

Oahu, Hawaii

On Location VIP Events
Wellness Retreats - Speaking - Event Talent

Cathleen has been creating and leading conscious wellness retreats since 2007 including world class Conde Nast resorts as an international leading body-mind wellness expert. Participants have shared profound transformation from her group retreat and private therapy sessions. Custom created VIP programs, private on location sessions, & resort wellness group retreat events available internationally.

Events can include:

  • group customized conscious wellness event programming

  • personal 1:1 conscious body, business life transformation sessions

  • conscious life coaching, group intuitive experience, wellness energetics training

  • body transformation sessions and group meditations

top VIP entertainment - VIP on location events
best VIP event talent
top womens wellness retreats

VIP On Location Events 

Bachelorette + Girls Night Out

Intuitive Wellness Retreats

Events can be as simple as a casual few friends get together,
an elaborate luxury five star resort wellness retreat,
or an off grid conscious connect to earth being

Best Intuitive VIP Events
top womens wellness retreats
VIP Guest Expert Speaker

1 Day 1-1 Immersion

Resort Wellness Programs

LIVE Expert Demo + Speaker

Cathleen has been creating and leading body mind resort destinations since 2007 including: 
Sedona, Arizona Mii amo destination spa + Enchantment Resort wellness expert guest program leader LemuriaMaui - Oahu Hawaii - Big Sky, Montana - Palm Beach, FL - Black Mountain, NC - South Padre Island, Florida - Traverse City, Michigan - Calgary/Banff, Canada - Cotopaxi, Colorado - Clearwater Beach, Florida - Lake Tahoe, California - more coming soon

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