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What can working together transform + create for you?
A few distance intuitive sessions benefits with Cathleen may include:
improved intuition
+ chakra opening
hormone balance
customized support
What are you ready to transform?
Let's jump on a call to explore what is possible for you
Cathleen intuitively laser beams right to the core of whatever is energetically challenged for you. Sessions can include intuitive business coaching, reiki master intuitive distance energy healing, medical medium intuitive scan, intuitive development training, holistic nutrition lifestyle detox, intuitive life coaching, law of attraction vibrational mastery training, ADD ADHD support coaching, space clearing, spiritual mentoring, entity clearing, relationship reading, trauma clearing and empowerment coaching to guide you into greater clarity to create your own unique vision of intuitive lifestyle success.


intuitive energy healing

distance Soul Spiral Method Holistic MediumTM Level One

8 week e-course 2 spaces open

Private 1:1

distance intuitive sessions

energy healing, intuitive business consulting, empowered life coaching, medium reading


intuitive wellness VIP events

women's spiritual intuitive on location events + wellness retreats 2021

intuitive wellness coaching


  • Distance mastery level energy healing 

  • Addiction recovery/ADHD support coaching

  • Relationships clearing/ energetic reading

  • Law of Attraction vibrational coaching 

  • Conscious body mind intuitive development

  • Weight loss + holistic detox support

  • Medical intuitive reading/ entity clearing

  • Healthy sex + soul esteem body image

  • Intuitive lifestyle wellness consultation/plan 

  • Improving intuitive negotiation + communication skills

  • Developing energetic sales techniques to optimize $

  • Support to prevent burnout in high stress environments

  • Confidence to leap from corporate to entrepreneur 

  • Better balance of home, family, body + business flow

  • Align with soul purpose and path to stay productive

  • Corporate to entrepreneur transition 

  • Intuitive brand development/strategy/timing

psychic medium readings


  • Learn how to evaluate + balance your own energy 

  • Intuitive development for greater personal immunity

  • Better understand + improve all of your relationships 

  • Restore body + future wellness confidence after illness

  • Learn how to better navigate toxic situations + stay up

  • Release old trauma keeping you from full energy now

  • Love your body + begin conscious youthing practice

  • Advance vibrationally to create body + soul mastery 


Hi Cathleen- I wanted to share my exciting news! My phone session with you had me re think my business and clients. I just re filled all my spots. I now work Monday - Thursday (dream schedule). All my clients are paying 2 week deposits and for the month. I am now in a great place!!  Thank you so much for helping me refocus and put my life into place again. You are amazing!  I appreciate your help. This is my first week of my new schedule and I am so excited and happy. -HR North Carolina


"I feel AMAZING since our visit and had been at a zero pain level for the first time in 3 years for over a week! Lately a few aches and pains creep back in, but nothing remotely close to what I was dealing with before. My massage therapist could not believe the difference! You really helped me pivot my thoughts on a lot of things.  I have been doing some good 3rd chakra work and am seeing some changes in personal power in my life. I have felt incredibly grounded since we visited." -C.G. Blue Springs, MO

Ready to discover what is possible for you?
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As a born medium and master intuitive practitioner, I've professionally trained in countless alternative therapy modalities since 1999 and have facilitated thousands of sessions in every US state and 14+ international countries. Join me on an upcoming retreat or schedule a phone session. 

Clients include: ages pre-conception to 96, start up entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 CEO's, top real estate agents, illness/addiction recovery patients, fertility IVF clients, professional athletes sports performance/injury recovery, well known celebrities, doctors, yoga/wellness practitioners, personal coaches, super moms, active soldiers and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a session with Cathleen include distance intuitive energy healing AND intuitive business coaching AND intuitive medium soul reading all in the same session?

YES! In a single session we can work on body pain you are seeking relief on, questions to better manage your business and a spitirual growth question or weird attachmentments you need cleared CAN ALL be addressed in the same session as it is appropriate and useful for you within the hour. If you just wanted to focus on ONE AREA like business or the body that also works since it is YOUR session so you can focus where ever you are ready to. The energy and intuitive information that shows up is what is most relevant for your personal balance, growth and healthy change in each session. It's your session and completely customized to your specific needs that are most beneficial for you each time.

How do I prepare for an intuitive session with Cathleen?

*Please note that the initial free connection call is not a reading or energy healing but a support for you to answer your questions to be sure working with Cathleen is the right fit for you. Once you decide you are ready to book your first intuitive session with Cathleen you may book on the online booking page above or if you have been approved to become a wellness member then you would sign up on the wellness plan page and email her direclty to schedule your session time (please include your state - country + time zone). 1- (optional) Write a list of questions, or what you would like to improve? Prioritize what issues are most important for you, so you are sure to cover those first. Don’t worry if you have 10+ items on your list. Sessions cover a lot of ground and can move through many issues, most are surprised at how much gets accomplished. 2- Even though sessions are distance calls please dress in comfortable, loose clothing that allows you to comfortably breath as deep as possible so you are able to experience the full benefits of your session. 3- Hydrate!!! Please drink extra water 24 hrs before your session. Some people are so dehydrated they must drink water before we even begin a session. Sessions move a lot of electrical energy through your nervous system, so being hydrated helps you to comfortably integrate the changes. 4- Time Zone - Please be sure to remind us of your time zone in every time you book an appointment – working with hundreds of clients around the world we do our best to assist this change as a courtesy to clients, but greatly appreciate your reminding us every time to ensure accuracy. If you are ever unsure about a time zone change we are more than happy to always confirm that for you (and us!) 5- Trust yourself.……..many clients say “I am new to energy work and not sure I understand it just yet?” which is completely OK. This shows how brilliant you really are, that a greater, deeper intelligence within you brought you to open into to greater possibilities. Do you have a clue what they are doing when they fix your computer? Or are you happy it just works more efficiently after you defrag and tune it? That is what Cathleen does. She is like a computer geek working in several coding layers of your physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental fields to defrag the trash that is not serving you anymore and help to reprogram and realign to what you do need to get to the healthiest, happiest and most successful you. All you have to do is be open to new possibilities and embrace positive change.

Is it ok that I am new to energy and intuitive lifestyle?

It is wonderful that you are open and willing to explore a new possibility for healthy change and aligning to create more of what you desire. Even after twenty years of working in thousands of sessions I still here all of the time, "I don't undertsand chakras or I am new to energy or I am not sure if this is can help me?" If you are open to experiencing better and asking for change obviously which brought you to my site, then something better is possible if you are willing to be open to allowing change.

How do I know if working with Cathleen is right for me?

A great place to begin is to set up your free no obligation new client connection call (see button above) that will allow us to connect and answer more specific questions on how sessions could benefit you. If I feel someone or something else is more appropriate for your needs than working with me, I am happy to refer you to one of several affiliate intuitives and coaches in my network. Or if we are a good match then we can proceed to working together. You are highly likely a good fit If you are someone who: 1- seeks to be consciously accountable for your life and choices 2- is open minded to allow new perspectives and possibiliies for your life 3- is willing to actively participate in your own transformation for long term success You may not be the best match if you are seeking: 1- a quick fix without having to apply any practical changes to your life 2- passive healing without willingness to be aware and accountable 3- intuitive answers without opening to your own intuitive knowing to be empowered within yourself I am seeking to work with those who are on their own spiritual and healing journey who are seeking deeper core development and support for challenges which inevitably can come up to discover more about ourselves. If you are seeking to move into greater intuitive mastery and energy intelligence development then I would love to connect to see what is possible together.

Does distance intuitive energy healing really work?

If you believe in energy healing, then yes it can. If you sort of believe then it can still have some influence but may not be lasting. If you do not believe, then you may want to honor that and stay with traditional methods instead. In working as a distance intutiive energy healer for the past two decades I have come across countless clients around the world in all of these categories. While I have no judgement on traditional western, eastern healing methods or integrative approach it is important to know what is right for you. Please understand that being new to energy healing and open to learning more is very helpful and relevant to the equation of what is possible for you in positive outcome. In my sessions I work with clearing limiting beliefs are being open and worthy of healings which many clients struggle around can make all the difference for breakthrough change to occur. While no outcome can obviously be guaranteed in western or alternative for that matter, being open to feeling better, receptive to the process of restoring wholeness for yourself, then anything is possible.

Are you professionally certified? How are you qualified?

Yes. I have been professionally tranining in advanced alternative therapy facilitation since 2000 and if you go to my BIO - MEDIA page above a full list of trainings and media around my work is available. I am a born medium with very unique gifts in understanding and adjusting energy. Many who are seeking reiki I am an Usui Reiki Master since 2002 trained by Reunka Kumar from India. Many additional modalities are all listed on the bio page as well. I was also a born entrepreneur starting my own business at 15, even riding my bike to city hall to get permits LOL. While my approach of coaching is vibrationally based to help you see where you are off track and to help intuit a better route, developing body, life, relationship and business intuition can improve every aspect of your happiness and success.

Are you a Reiki Master? Can I book a distance reiki session?

Yes I am an Usui Reiki Master trained by Renuka Kumar who was trained in India and the US and worked with her for a 2 year private mastership completed in 2002. As an advancede intuitive energy medicine practitioner and medical medium healer I combine all of my trainings into the most useful tools for your own personal health issues. I have worked with all stages and many forms of cancer, terminal illness, hospice care end of life support, severe trauma abuse and countless other health issues inclding pre-op and post operations support to bring an integrative support as part of your personal wellness team.

What can I expect to happen from an intuitive session?

Everyone is so completely unique in their circumstances and were they are with any issue they are seeking to improve there is not really a simple answer here and yet if you visit the above CLIENT TESIMONIALS page can show you a few of thousands of client feedback emails sharing personal results after working with Cathleen. Cathleen's clients have reported results after working with her such as: BODY - WELLNESS - ENERGY HEALING -pain relief or in some cases complete release of chronic pain -improved overall energy and or sleep -weight loss and improved body image -improved self esteem -improved diagnostics after sessions -improved outcome of surgery -sense of freedom or peace -improved body mind connection -support to heal from addictions and balance system naturally BUSINESS - MINDSET - SUCCESS -clarity on business plan and timing to execute plans -clarity on empolyees - potential hires -strategic confidence to move forward -increased cashflow and sales -key transition support going from corporate to entrepreneur -strategic support to develop business plan -intuitive business coaching to develop plan for current goals -intuitive support with challenging clients or employees -intuitive business reading to better identify route to success -minset training to develop positive personal pracitice -intuitive healing to clear limited beliefs blocking success like unworthiness -healing past legal or partner trauma to be able to move forward in new ventures SOUL - INTUITIVE - LIFESTYLE -great sense of soul purpose and path -personal intuitive development training -clear entities and negative spirit attachments -communicate with crossed over loved ones -clear limitations around soul trauma -understand and clear past life limitation patterns -becoming more conscious in your own life -feeling more aligned with source energy -raising your vibrational energy to improve every area of your life

How long do wellness members work with you?

Some wellness members work with me for a few months and get everything they need and fly on to create great things in the world. Others work with me to clear up one issue and move on to other areas of their lives to keep improving and becoming more. Several clients have been working with me for many years because they keep experiencing ongoing benefits from sessions. Even coaches have coaches so how can intuitive energy coaching support yo9ur body, business, relationships, family and any life issue you are seeking to improve? See more on WELLNESS PLANS page and TESTIMONIALS to see how many clients have benefited in countless ways from working with Cathleen.

How did you create your session rates? What is the value?

Unlike alot of typical intuitive readings which only give information or are just spiritual couseling in nature the value of my session comes from the priceless value of combining: energy healing (20+ yrs certification training from all over the world) born medium with intuitive gifts and healing capacities spiritual development + intuitive business coaching + 30+yr law of attraction development Value for you from these which can be included in a single session: -physical mental emotional addiction trauma stress pain healing -intuitive development training from master intuitive -energy awareness + meditative training to give you tools to balance yourself -intuitive detox and wellness support plan -medical intuitive scan and clearing to support natural balance -law of attraction advanced vibrational training to fine tune your ability to manifest more of what you are truly desiring in your life -intuitive consulting to side step bad business deals, nightmare employee hires, timing for business expansion or downsizing and much more -clarity intuitive coaching for parenting, relationships, life or any issue you are seeking to improve in your life Even a few of these can turn into hundreds of dollars when you combine business coaching, energy healing, detox wellness consulting, relationship clearing and coaching so you are actually getting incredible value which if you look at the client testimonials you will see -clients reporting increase in income from member session support -pain relief to dramatic recovery in health issues -finding true love and releasing past relationship traumas -lauching successful new business ventures -clearing fears around remission and future immunity confidence -addiction support confidence to stay sober and well The value can be monetary but goes way above and beyond into personal consciousness and sense of peace and happiness in life. What is possible for you?