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What can working together transform + create for you?
distance facilitation session benefits with Cathleen may include:
improved intuition
+ chakra clearing
hormone balance
customized support
What are you ready to transform?


intuitive energetics training

distance Soul Spiral Method Holistic MediumTM Level One

8 week VIP e-course

Private 1:1

distance intuitive sessions

intuitive business consulting, empowered life coaching + access facilitation


intuitive wellness VIP events

women's empowerment on location events + wellness retreats 2023

intuitive wellness coaching


  • Distance mastery level energy balancing 

  • Addiction recovery/ADHD support coaching

  • Relationships clearing/ energetic reading

  • Certified Access Consciousness Facilitation  

  • Conscious body mind intuitive development

  • Weight loss + holistic detox support

  • Body intuitive reading/ distance entity clearing

  • Healthy sex + soul esteem body image

  • Intuitive lifestyle wellness consultation/plan 

  • Improving intuitive negotiation awareness skills

  • Developing energetic sales techniques to optimize $

  • Support to prevent burnout in high stress environments

  • Confidence to leap from corporate to entrepreneur 

  • Better balance of home, family, body + business flow

  • Align with soul purpose and path to stay productive

  • Corporate to entrepreneur transition 

  • Intuitive brand development/strategy/timing

intuitive business coaching
psychic medium readings


  • Learn how to evaluate + balance your own energy 

  • Intuitive development for greater personal immunity

  • Better understand + improve all of your relationships 

  • Restore body + future wellness confidence after illness

  • Learn how to better navigate toxic situations

  • Release old trauma keeping you from being here now

  • Love your body + begin conscious youthing practice

  • Body Mind connection and communication mastery


Hi Cathleen- I wanted to share my exciting news! My phone session with you had me re think my business and clients. I just re filled all my spots. I now work Monday - Thursday (dream schedule). All my clients are paying 2 week deposits and for the month. I am now in a great place!!  Thank you so much for helping me refocus and put my life into place again. You are amazing!  I appreciate your help. This is my first week of my new schedule and I am so excited and happy. -HR North Carolina


"I feel AMAZING since our visit and had been at a zero pain level for the first time in 3 years for over a week! Lately a few aches and pains creep back in, but nothing remotely close to what I was dealing with before. My massage therapist could not believe the difference! You really helped me pivot my thoughts on a lot of things.  I have been doing some good 3rd chakra work and am seeing some changes in personal power in my life. I have felt incredibly grounded since we visited." -C.G. Blue Springs, MO

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