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ABOUT + MEDIA Cathleen Miller 

Master Intuitive Medium, Somatic Energy Healer, Entrepreneur, Author, Momma Bear, Ghostbuster, Conservationist, Wellness Nerd, Nature Spirit, Gifted Body Whisperer, Barefoot Hiker, Wild Flexitarian Foodie, Savant Artist.

I expect more magic, mojo & miracles everyday! 

Intuitive Business Coach

All media requests *Due to volume of personal and media contact requests we are unable to personally respond to every submission. 

As a top leading internationally acclaimed intuitive, I've facilitated thousands of sessions in every US state,15+ international countries since 2001, guiding clients into their own empowered somatic energy intelligence. My work is completely unique in my capacities to read and adjust electrical and magnetic fields, combined with a born medium ability to read people, businesses dynamics, medical intuitive scans, time lines, property grids and more. This also combines with over twenty years of holistic wellness facilitator training, creating a tour de force for your a-team (business, health, love and life) success support.

Overcoming abuse traumas, eating disorders and early acute health issues (while coping as a born medium and intuitively gifted ADHD spectrum child), were a few early life contrast points that put me on an alternative conscious path so young. After my daughter was born, I was an overwhelmed, unemployed, single mom, sleeping on the floor at my sisters. There I decided I was going to create a very different reality! Over the next two decades, I transformed on all levels, harnessing my born medium gifts, while professionally training non-stop. This shifted into mindfulness coaching and 5D transformational session work with clients, writing several books, to traveling the world to lead retreats and the thriving business I enjoy today. One target I have is to be an angel investor for conscious capitalism around conservation and sustainable eco-conscious living solutions, to create a better quality of earth life.

Clients include: entrepreneurs, yoga/wellness practitioners, Fortune 500 top CEO's, billionaire investors, local next door soccer moms, well known celebrities, doctors, professional athletes including Super Bowl winning NFL player, professional coaches, special needs, students, pets, teachers, artists, coaches, soldiers, children and many more. 

NYC On Location Filming with abc executive producer for national television series casting August 2017 
Take'Em To School Education Reform Charity Event NYC Business Intuitive Readings August 2017 
Real Women's Expo Phoenix Convention Center AZ Intuitive Wellness Expert live demo speaker April 2017
Simply KC Magazine Intuitive Lifestyle Success business feature article September 2016
KAHI Radio Sacramento, CA Wellness Expert on athletic performance guest, Rio 2016 Olympics CA Aug 2016
Healthy Life Works Show on Healthy Life Radio Baltimore, MD August 2016
Hawaii DoctorHealthTalk Radio Wellness Expert guest Honolulu, HI with David Snow July 2016
Starcom Radio Network Intuitive Dating Expert Guest on Ed Tyll Daily Show June 2016
Jenny McCarthy Sirius Celebrity Radio Wellness Lifestyle Expert Guest NYC March 2016 
Healthy Living Radio  with Author Kathryn Guylay Sky Valley Idaho Lifestyle Expert Guest Feb 2016
Medicinal Foods Radio Medical Intuitive Lifestyle Expert Guest with owner Sky Kubby Hawaii Feb 2016 
Frankie Boyer WCRN Boston Radio Intuitive Wellness Expert Guest with Live call in readings Dec 2015
LuxeSoul Magazine Traveling on Purpose Wellness Travel article feature December 2015
Your Tango Relationship Expert Video Panel Series with Helen Fisher PHD & Melanie Gorman NYC June 2015
Jetset Magazine Fall 2015 Issue Wellness Travel Expert Featured Article
Holistic Globe Miami Authority Expo Featured LIVE Keynote Conscious Living Speaker WPB FL 2015 
Your Tango Lifestyle Expert Featured Homepage Blog articles national syndication 2015
Joyful Living Online Radio California Featured Holistic Psychic Medium Guest 2014
iheart radio/itunes radio January Jones Holistic Medium Featured Guest Sept 2014 (#1 iheart show that day)

Education - Professional Therapy Trainings & Certifications

  • Certified Fitness Instructor 1988 Princeton Sports Medicine Florida 

  • Certified Usui Reiki Mastership (2 yr 1:1 Master Program) India/CT Renuka Kumar MS 2000

  • Certified Magnified Healing – Renuka Kumar/ Owner Core Radiance CT 2001

  • Certified Thought Field Therapy (level one) Dr. Barr-Groth 2002

  • Advanced Lightbody Training Sanaya Roman/Dr. Duane Packer PHD Orin and Daben 1999-2014

  • Sound Therapy Training – Sound Healing Inst. Jonathan Goldman, Loveland, CO

  • Matrix Energetics Practitioner Training (level 1 & 2) – Dr Bartlett CPND

  • Akashic Records Training – Gabrielle Orr – Tampa, FL 2009

  • Spiritual initiation Yogiraj Siddhanath Lightning Kriya Masters Initiation 2009

  • Apprenticeship Essential Energy MN Oct 2010-Oct 2011

  • Theta Brainwave DNA Practitioner Certification Colorado Nov 2011

  • Advanced Theta DNA Practitioner Certification San Fran CA Dec 2011

  • AC Foundation, AC Facelift, Access Bars Pracitioner 2012 Kansas City 

  • Advanced Body Process Trainings, Body patterns, Antibodies, Delay patterns, Trauma Release Jan-Oct 2013 KC 

  • Advanced Lightbody w/ Daben & Duane Packer PHD cont. ed training 2014 Ashland Oregon

  • National Publicity Summit & Quantum Leap Business + Media Training 2015-2016

  • Advanced private quantum field energy medicine ongoing CE trainings Los Angelos CA 2015-2016

  • Advanced NLP Business Development Training CE 2017 =

  • Advanced CE Access Foundation 4 day location training Maui HI March 2018

  • Advanced AC Business Development/Marketing Training Jan 2019-2022

  • Advanced AC + CF training Sweden, Houston, Nashville, Paris, Australia, Mexico, KC 2021-2022

  • Advanced AC facilitator training remote/in person training Sweden, Mexico, Australia 2022-2023

  • Certified Breathwork Facilitator practitioner online training Bali 2023 

  • Somatic Healing 12 week Remote Training Canada 2024

Published Books & Audio Programs  

      Self published amazon Living the Spiral 30 Day Chakra Cleanse 

  • Self published Living Illumination – ‘Fire walking’ Sept 2008

  • Self published ‘The Lumerian Spectrum’ – Jan 2009 – training

  • Self-published Author & Teacher ‘Living the Spiral’ – 2007 copyright & US + TM & Holistic Medium TM programs 

  • Created Intuitive Success Academy online e-courses 2018

  • Created Soul Spiral Method Holistic MediumTM Intuitive Certification Training 2020

  • Created Starseed Global Alchemy Team 2023


Additional Ventures

  • Fine artist professionally showing in several states since 1992. Collectors in AZ, CO, FL, KC, Paris.

  • Soul INBody Yoga Holistic MediumTM Program Created & co-led with Shawna Eaker 2013

  • Creator & Leader of Ongoing Holistic MediumTM Program Wellness Retreats at top Conde Nast resorts since 2006

  • Nature Spirit Foundation: Future foundation vision to protect wildlife and natural eco-system land arboretums with public access trails, nature therapy, creating heirloom organic wild community gardens, off grid living and education programs to protect and regenerate balanced elemental systems everywhere. Inspiring conscious low impact earth living in harmony with nature. 

  • Intuitive Lifestyle Success supports & sponsors One Tree, Ocean Conservancy, Nature Conservancy, Audobon Society, ASPCA, CIHCS India, Heiffer Intl and other local non-profit programs.

     “Since everything is literally spinning energy, as you change your spin… you change your life!” -Cathleen Miller



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