Are you inspired to step into your core intuitive capacities to create greater wellbeing, abundance + harmony for yourself and others?
Soul Spiral Method Holistic MediumTM with Cathleen Miller
Benefits of Level One Soul Spiral Certification
  • ​​improve your confidence in your healing work (personal + or professionally) with your clients, family or friends, pets, land and nature
  • deepen your understanding of how energy blocks happen in different ways in each chakra and how to deal with each specific one in a slightly different way
  • better understand and experience your own body mind connection to better understand your own unique energetic and healthy lifestyle needs
  • learn how to adjust your + others energy fields in a way that can clear anxiety and pain
  • work with multi-dimensional frequencies to have more impact in your work
  • clear limiting energetic contracts to be able to manifest better and free yourself from toxic dynamics that you may not even realize are holding you back
  • learn basics of entity clearing, space clearing while increasing awareness of your personal space
  • enjoy a group of conscious high vibrational like minded soul tribe community
  • gain wisdom from Cathleen's born medium plus 20+ year experience in professional development and client expertise as an internationally acclaimed healer to be able to side step healer's no-no's that drain your energy and can also be unhealthy or dangerous to practice
  • move into light leadership to contribute to a more sustainable future for planet earth and example conscious living for your own personal and professional community
  • receive group light code activation for raising your cellular bodies core vibration to be able to be able to embody more light which can transform + uplift many aspects of your life 
  • increase skills on non-physical communication and how developing your own intuitive energetic intelligence is a big key the route to self + life mastery 
  • increase your confidence from the weekly practical application of the soul spiral method to go step by step and build each week to show yourself that you can use the application in several ways by the end of the 8 weeks
  • depending on your personal circumstances and energy right now possible physical, mental, emotional and spiritual relief + balancing  
  • enjoy and discover how intuitive energy awareness can be so much fun and gives you countless personal and professional advantages  
  • bypass having to travel in expenses and be able to learn at your own convenience to work with your schedule and career, life, family demands 

Soul Spiral Method is a consciousness intuitive energy balancing facilitation method channeled by Cathleen Miller. It combines subtle body chakra balancing, intuitive energy reading and light body activation to harmonize, better understand and direct the multi-dimensional layers around your being. This method supports balancing surrounding subtle layers to harmonize together in a way that creates clearer, higher vibrational physical energy, emotional balance and mental clarity. The purpose of this healing facilitation is to align with ones own higher channel soul energies to support greater wholeness, personal thriving, immunity and healthy creation. All within a highly contrasted global experience we are experiencing at this time. 


Master Intuitive Cathleen Miller developed this method after decades of her own advanced practitioner training in over a dozen energy therapy certifications (which always left her knowing there was more) to be discovered. Her first book Living the Spiral was inspired from a vision to move into more advanced facilitation to guide others into greater empowered conscious awareness of their own body, mind, soul connection based on the triple spiral labyrinth sacred stone site in Ireland. Since then she has worked with clients around the world to teach and facilitate intuitive energy healing always falling back on her own internally guided method which she is now teaching for those who are ready and willing to step into their own light leadership. 


Inspired from several decades of professional outer training while also working with thousands of sessions for the past two decades, soul spiral method is a new style of facilitation to support balancing the increasing contrast happening globally. Passionate about conscious intuitive wellness and contributing to a more conscious vision of a sustainable and peaceful earth, this method can develop skills to radiate balance, create confident energetic connections to allow greater ease, wellbeing and abundant creation.


Benefits from training can include enhanced personal intuition, greater chakra awareness and balance, increased confidence in ones own wellness and personal ability to manifest desires in life. While also having greater confidence in client energy work facilitation. These intensive soul groups can be pure magic to experience, be a part of and such a joy to lead. If you are feeling the resonance of joining this group, feel free to apply below.   


Soul Spiral Level 1 Certification Training

8 week hourly audio course, weekly pdf notes + energy assignments

each week includes energy balancing, intuitive training, experiential exploration with personal assignments to complete each week, ongoing process journaling in addition to audios, home assignments and important tips to create success with the process.

Week 1 soul spiral connection + commitment

why a spiral? - deepening intuition - activating central channel - level one intentions personal visioning - body preparation - group process - highest integrity support connections - initial process walk through 

10th chakra clearing - collective immunity - nature healing - week journal - *VIP clients private 1:1 wellness session to support personal development to ensure course success at any time throughout the 8 weeks 

Week 2 body recalibration + sacred home 

energetic home space + recalibrating grids - awareness of surrounding influences - resetting personal space - clarity of needs base chakra - willingness to embody - stabilizing core to work with others - clarity within chaos -working with animals + pets - week journal - 3 days 20min energy assignments 


Week 3 tapping magic - your power to create

for yourself + client influence - basic abundance clearing - manifesting play - emotional detoxification - boundary correction sacral chakra - stabilizing emotions to work with trauma - clearing and clarifying contracts in and around energetic system - feeling unconditionally happy - self-healing - week journal - 3 days 20min energy assignments 

Week 4 intuitive empowerment 

property grids - local and global balance contribution solar plexus - identity empowerment - offsetting collective aggression - working with power cords and offsetting projections - client awareness - energetic confidence - power healing + power play - shifting group dynamics - surrounding grounding support -week journal - 3 days 20min energy assignments


Week 5 core communication

vibrational clarity - uncovering soul body truth - healing grief - heart chakra - staying open during global chaos - separating mental body from surrounding subtle fields 

non-physical communication - allowance of chaos - non-physical communication - contract healing

week journal - 3 days 20min energy assignments


Week 6 core sonic clarity 

discerning truth from your body and clients - throat chakra - vibrational acuity for soul speak - clearing filters for yourself and clients - identifying programmed responses - trusting intuitive voice - sonic clarity for healing week journal - 3 days 20min energy assignments 

Week 7 

knowing your vision

clearing projections + mental loops - third eye chakra - intuitive alignment for self and clients - discerning intellect mental from non-physical knowing - trusting inner sight - clearing interference - improving meditation practice - healing limitations - week journal - 3 days 20min energy assignment


Week 8 

living + aligning to pure soul

allowing divine love, aligning clients to source - crown chakra - clearing blocks to divine connection for self and clients - clarifying guidance from interference - spiritual contrast connections for growth - soul partners - living bliss group activation  


Level 1 Certification allows one to deepen personal chakra awareness including clearing and balancing capacities to be able to work with ones own (as well as others) chakra systems. You will be shown how to work with your own central channel to better identify increased consciousness from your surrounding personal environments. From there we will expand all the way to global elemental balancing building on prior week practical steps to build confidence. 


Together we will work from micro to macrocosm to better understand and direct energies to master personal balance first, before contributing to anything else. Benefits include ability to better identify energetic imbalances, then how to steps to use method to clear personal space and chakras with greater intuitive clarity. While experiencing a healthier personal connection to ones own body, nature and planet earth. Living consciously with active soul spiral light working skills is a powerful way to contribute restorative energy to planet earth, bliss in your own experience and hope to collective consciousness simultaneously. Home practice with others will be part of course and can be done by phone, zoom, or in person as you can.

Once 8 weeks is complete and all included zoom trainings, assignments and email of final completion evaluation is verified then certification will allow each participant who has completed all aspects of training to be able to add this certification into their body work or energy therapy resume. Completion of Level one will also be awarded certificate of completion to be received via email. 

Investment for Level One 

2,995. includes full e-course with 8 additional 1:1 30min weekly private sessions with Cathleen  

8 week online certification training audios, pdfs, full course access

with 1:1 personalized support with Cathleen during the program

*CE credits - continued education professional training may be eligible for tax write off, check with your accountant to verify for your business would qualify around your specific requirements

Application process for consideration: 


-already living conscious healthy lifestyle and called to positively impact earth + collective consciousness

-willingness to commit fully to training + use consciously with total accountability 

-seeking to contribute more as a soul based leader to create a new possibility for yourself + others

-agreement to fully honor integrity of course and respect all terms of use copyright, HolisticMediumTM 

Soul Spiral Method Holistic MediumTM Certification Training

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