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 VIP 1:1 Intuitive Business Mentorship with Cathleen Miller

 *NEW! Flexible monthly member plans

If you knew developing your own business intuition with me could:

  • improve your client, vendor, partner, employee awareness to make more efficient and healthier choices crucial for your success (and sanity)

  • improve your opportunity awareness to know when to move on and when to strike while the iron is hot (and sometimes more importantly when to say no) 

  • improve your workflow to know your energetic priorities with everything to balance work, home, life, family balance (being clear on body needs to pace yourself for success)

  • improve your energy to know how to pace yourself in a way that allows holistic balance alongside unlimited earning potential

  • clean up your bogus old scarcity stories around hitting that 6 figure and multiple beyond levels you are really desiring! 

  • guide you to side step wasting time, fraud, nonsense that is distracting you and draining your fuel

  • tap into optimal investment awareness to know ideal timing around your expansion

  • keep you in a high caliber vibration to allow you to align with your soulpreneur potential

  • hold you accountable for ongoing commitment to energy awareness required for success

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 Why intuitive business coaching with Cathleen?

In addition to running her own successful ever expanding business since 2006, Cathleen has worked as an internationally acclaimed intuitive business coach + healer to a diverse range of clients in every US state and 14 additional countries. Her work generates body, mind personal home/life/business balance + financial success. Clients include wellness + traditional health care professionals, top earning real estate agents, tech developers, small business, top national corporate CEO's, wellness center practitioners, well known celebrities, professional NFL *superbowl winning (plus many additional) athletes and more. See full bio/trainings here

1:1 30min - 45min - 60min flexible choice 

Monthly mentorship member program

is completely customized to your specific business and career needs, personal development aspirations + success vision for 2022-2023 success which can include:

  • intuitive business development for your own mastery

  • energy intelligence training for complex team or project dynamics

  • conscious business planning + strategy 

  • intuitive energy healing for past business trauma or personal limitations around money, etc

  • healthy lifestyle support so you can feel awesome and have the energy to enjoy your success.


Unlike other programs that over promise and underdeliver, this monthly membership has a no-contract 3 months minimum agreement that can you end with a simple 30 day notice after the 90 days. My average client stays over a year with many going on several years who have grown and hold multi-million dollar businesses, gone from small real estate rentals to multi-million dollar listing sales, to transitioning out of miserable corporate position into their own dream wellness career. *May qualify for business consulting tax write off - check with your accountant to be sure appropriate qualifications for your business.


Ready to discover what is possible for your business or career? 


Here is what a few business clients have shared:

So blessed I have increased my sales again 36% in 2020! I wrote a number a couple years back and I made it. Thank You, thank You, thank You for your continuing support. Your healing has been amazing since I met You. I know and feel have come long ways since I was sitting in your office contemplating moving back. And You told me you saw fireworks well there have been fireworks and a combination of things. So thankful Deane S. Overland Park KS

"Best life coach EVER!!! We were ready to give up on our struggling business. One session with Cathleen and with her fabulous help, we changed our thinking and turned it all around......FAST." - Sande & Mike A. IA

Just finished my end of year financials and realized my real estate business revenue increased 58% in 2018! My monthly member business coaching with you this past year has definitely made all the difference for my personal growth and success!  -G. S. KC 

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