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Cathleen Miller

Starseed Global Alchemy Series with Cathleen Miller

*If you missed the free starseed session intro

watch replay here on YouTube

Starseed Alchemy Private Group Series

  • Open your channel for Starseed awareness to clear personal blockages

  • Access energetic light codes to upgrade your nervous and energetic systems

  • Explore relevant lifetimes affecting your current life and path today


  • Awaken ancient memories and knowledge to open your unique gifts


  • Activate unique soul capacities for personal and collective growth

  • Connect with starbeing family to receive personal support on all levels

  • Dynamically raise your vibration using light language to upgrade your life


  • Actualize alchemy skills to contribute to greater planetary balance

  • Improve confidence in your manifesting success skills through light training

  • Develop from monthly energy assignments to improve your own capacities

  • Play with like minded conscious new friends to enjoy the expansion together

Is it time to awaken your starseed gifts?

what is starseed

Private Group 6 Month Series
 #1 July 29th 2023
  Opening the channel

      #2 Sat Aug 26th 2023
       Galactic Akashic Clearing

         #3 Sat Sept 30th 2023
            Activating Your Starseed Gifts

         #4 Sat Oct 28th 2023
         Connecting To Your Star Team

         #5 Sat Nov 18th 2023
        Alchemy For Earth/Body Balance 

         #6 Sat Dec 16th 2023
       Actualizing 2024 5D Upgrades

Time: 11am CST (US) 17:00 UTC-5
*each group session approx. 45-55min

6 Month Series Includes:

  • one group interactive play monthly group zoom facilitation

  • starseed channeled guidance relevant for groups development

  • monthly energy assignments to better develop your own skills

  • open your own gifts and play with others in supportive space

  • monthly healing activations as they are appropriate for group

  • meet like minded soul family all here to be the change now

  • clearing/activation of relevant lifetimes to open your unique skills 

 Starseed Series Investment 
since this is welcoming the initial soul group 

we are offering a special discount introductory rate 
1st starseed 6 month series
ONLY 555.

6 Month Starseed Virtual Series Pass next series coming Jan 2024
*email to be added to list

Starseed Support
1:1 Private Virtual Sessions
work with Cathleen for energetic development, healing and to awaken around your own starseed capacities and gifts

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