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Talking on the Phone

Monthly Member Success Plans


Now that you have been approved by Cathleen you can choose your plan below to get started when you are ready to dive in ;)

Membership gives you ongoing accountability to achieve real results! Plans are autopay subscription with 3 month minimum, then continue as long as you like (or 30 days notice to cancel). Most continue for several years after experiencing incredible ongoing value in their health, business, relationships and personal intuitive development. See client testimonials from wellness members who increased revenue, found love, launched or expanded successful businesses, improved relationships, recovered from major health issues and much more. 


Monthly Member Benefits:

  • includes ALL business, distance energy work, intuitive coaching facilitation

  • vibrational alignment training to develop your own energy intelligence

  • ongoing accountability to keep quality progress to achieve your goals

  • progressive support to improve long term personal or wellness issues

  • consistent strengthening of your core confidence that is critical for success

  • intuitive development for you to master your own energy awareness

  • clarity to improve your health, relationships, business, money (or any issue)

  • entity clearing around office or personal space that may be blocking success

*Wellness plan discount not valid for sessions at on location retreats or VIP events. 

Intuitive Monthly Membership Options

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Intuitive Monthly Membership
1: 45min 249.
month plan

  • Includes one 1:1 distance monthly intuitive session 

  • in depth accountability for your body, business + life

  • first option on upcoming events + invite only promos

  • 3 month minimum then 30 days notice to cancel member plan

  • courtesy email direct priority scheduling with Cathleen

  • auto payment for easy monthly personal plan


Intuitive Monthly Membership
2x month plan

45min 499.

  • Two 1:1 private distance intuitive phone sessions per month

  • advanced accountability and monthly coaching development customized for your needs

  • priority scheduling + member same year rate lock

  • fitst dibs on upcoming events + invite only promos

  • 3 month minimum then 30 days notice to cancel member plan

  • email direct scheduling with Cathleen 


Intuitive Monthly Membership
4x month plan Options

4x mo 45min 999.

  • 4 1:1 private distance intuitive phone sessions every month

  • most in depth accountability with personalized plan 

  • top priority scheduling + same year member rate lock

  • first notice VIP private invite opportunities for on location

  • customized personal weekly energy assignment, bonus rewire s

  • 3 month minimum then 30 days notice to cancel member plan

  • email direct priority scheduling with Cathleen 

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