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Resort Wellness Retreat Programs 

created & led by Guest Intuitive Lifestyle Expert Cathleen Miller


Enhancing your current wellness offerings with a guest expert program created and led by Master Practitioner Cathleen Miller gives your resort a leading edge advantage over competitors to keep regular clients eager to return, while also connecting to new clients seeking this unique wellness experience. 

Cathleen Miller Lifestyle Expert Resort Retreats Offer: 

• hands on guidance to develop the body-mind somatic connection 

• understanding the power of conscious 5D living and self-care 

• experience clearing personal blocks and limitations

• developing intuitive awareness and increased mindfulness to improve ones quality of life

Programs range from beginner to advanced levels of wellness self care knowledge. They can also be custom created for your requested client needs (including private VIP). Current retreat clients include entrepreneurs, professional executives, all level health care, wellness practitioners, professional athletes, celebrities and countless supermoms. 

VIP private groups are also available (see VIP page above)


Resort Wellness Program Themes 

Healthy Lifestyle & Body-Mind Wellness 3-7 day group retreats explore, revitalize and enhance each guests body-mind-soul connection. Programs include daily interactive lectures, group meditation, conscious life facilitation, group clearing, recovery support and live medical intuitive demonstrations. Level of topic is adjusted from beginner to advanced depending on group experience and preference. Cathleen works directly with resort events to ensure the best program for your clientel to ensure a win-win wellness experience. 


Body-Mind Wellness Somatic Connection Holistic MediumTM

Explores how your body-mind connection affects your energy, relationships, overall immunity and the quality of every area of your life. This 3-7 day program combines daily lecture and group interactive play. Open for all levels of health and wellness knowledge, even those new to alternative therapies. Daily group experience supports natural body balancing and interactive visualizations with group balancing to develop greater personal self awareness. As an intuitive energy medicine practitioner Cathleen provides live adjustments for group and also shares self-healing techniques and tools for clients to be able to use to maintain better personal balance. Open for all levels of experience from those who are new to body-mind to advanced practitioners. 


Natural Hormone Balance & Beauty Holistic MediumTM

3-7 day program explores and enhances your body-mind-soul connection to promote personal wellness and beauty. Group focus is to optimize the entire biorythm as appropriate for each participants energetic needs. Daily interactive lectures on entire cellular and subtle bodies include how glands, organs, emotions and systems are affected through our habits. Includes group meditations, alignment visualizations, group clearing and hands on live medical intuitive demonstrations to balance the entire system naturally. As a intuitive medium healer Cathleen is able to provide live adjustments for teaching group self-healing techniques. Open for all levels of experiene from new to body-mind to advanced practitioners. 


Expanding Your Intuition Holistic MediumTM

3-7 days to explore and enhance how the natural body-mind connection affects your level of intuitive ability. Includes fun and powerful daily interactive lectures, group meditation, visualization, group clearing to open greater intuitive ability in a gentle natural way. Group interactive clearings and live demonstrations for opening to your own natural internal guidnace with ease. As a master energy medicine practitioner, Cathleen provides individual and group intuitive readings to guide group into expanded intuitive connection for themselves. Open for all levels of intuitive awareness from new to advanced pracitioners. 


Bliss(OM)ing Soul Holistic MediumTM

3-7 days to explore and enhance the body-mind connection to live in more harmony with body, mind and soul.. Includes daily sacred ceremony, group meditation, visualization, group clearing/healings and hands on live demonstrations for balancing the entire system naturally. This intermediate to advanced group experience guides participants into deeper understanding and clearing of their ancestry, immediate family issues to allow greater consciousness, personal mastery and cellular system support to live in a new expanded multi-dimensional awareness.

As a guest expert practitioner during her resort stay, Cathleen is also available for private client 1:1 bookings or limited group readings. Resorts may also request a special topic customized for your clientel to create the best win-win venture together. 


Email today to learn how a holistic wellness program can expand your resorts offerings as a top wellness destination. Please visit testimonials page for life changing stories from past event participants.


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