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Holistic Vibrational Medicine Therapies available as remote Distance Energy Healing Sessions with Cathleen 

In addition to being a born intuitive medium healer Cathleen is also Advanced Practitioner Certified & or 10+ years experienced in the following alternative therapies. 

Soul Spiral Method Holistic MediumTM Intuitive Energy Healing Certification 2020

Author + Creator of this new intuitive energy healing Cathleen Miller has taken over three decades of her own development combining that with innate intuitive healing techniques that she uses with clients around the world. More about this soul spiral method energy medicine technique here.

Usui Reiki Master 2yr 1:1 Mastership program CT Level 1-2-3 & Mastership Renuka Kumar

Certified Usui Reiki Master Healer since 2001, Cathleen applies Dr Usui Shiki Ryohois energy healing technique. Reiki practice is thousands of years old believed to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice rediscovered in the late 1800’s by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. Cathleen trained with Renuka Kumar (who trained to master level herself in both India and the US). She worked with Renuka 1:1 for a 2 year Reiki Mastership of extensive practice and study in the US and have been an official Reiki Master since 2001. Renuka also trained Cathleen in additional modialities not listed here including Magnified Healing which is based on a Quan Yin healing method of violet transmuting flame. As a psychic medium Cathleen is able to see, hear, feel and know where the reiki healing is needed in and around the body and can watch the reiki symbols and chakra spin transform from slow or backwards spin to corrections in shape, sound and color tints which indicate vibrational corrections for the client. 


Quantum Matrix Energy Healing Level 2 Certified Dr Bartlett

Cathleen is a level 2 Matrix modality trained in quantum energetics with Dr Bartlett ND in Miami Fl. Applying specific frequencies at the quantum field level can have an adaptogenic affect on all systems to help increase and or decrease the field spin to enhance or release whatever is needed. 

Advanced Lightbody Practitioner CE ongoing Dr Duane Packer PHD - Sanaya Roman

Cathleen has trained in ongoing consciousness courses and lightbody techniques from Duane Packer PHD & Sanaya Roman since the late 90's. She has completed training and has continued on with advanced ongoing study with supplemental continuing courses that are still being released today for advanced practitioners to keep their mastery skills expanding.

Law of Attraction Vibrational Vortex Coaching & Life Coaching 

Cathleen found Abrahams Law of Attraction Esther & Jerry Hicks work over 30 years ago. She has successfully applied Law of Attraction in every area of her own life and as a intuitive medium effortlessly coaches others by being able to read their field of vibrational frequency providing advanced vortex coaching to guide others into their highest potential of success. Law of Attraction coaching can be basic or advanced depending on where you are in your focus and conscious awareness. Clients have reported profound immediate positive change in every area of life including health, body, finances, relationships, business and new opportunities showing up sometimes same day of their session.

Past Life Regression (with cellular clearing) Akashic Record Certified

Cathleen has done thousands of past life clearings in her client life sessions and has trained as a akashic records regression. She is able to spontaneously know where past life issues on all subtle body levels are affecting clients cellular body. This is practical and useful for you in the here and now instead of many past life readings which are not relevant and can often leave people feeling confused or imbalanced. Working with thousands of past life record clearings for over a decade please read profound testimonials of instantaeous healings from sessions clients have experienced after clearing past life records with Cathleen. Profound clearing and release of phobias, strange life patterns that make no logical sense and undaignosable health issues have all spontaneously released and corrected. 

S3 Practitioner SE Advanced Practitioner Certified 

Cathleen is S3 Energy Practitioner & Teacher Level Certified. S3 is a wonderful energy healing technique that consists of advanced grounding while also maintaining a source connection. This increases a full channel alignment so that the system is able to naturally balance from directing high frequencies that are needed for each client. 

Holistic Health & Detox Coaching 

Cathleen combines over 25+ years of ongoing study and personally applied nutritional research, alternative diets, detoxification techniques, fasting and conscious health lifestyle choices. After overcoming extreme health challenges and environmental allergies as a child, she has personally transformed her body (including several acute health conditions) through conscious intuitive health and wellbeing alignment which she now coaches her clients in. Sessions meet you at whatever level of diet and lifestyle you are currently choosing. From there goals are considered with your focus of weight, lifestyle and energy goals in mind to create the best body, image and radiant being life plan for you.    

Holistic MediumTM  Medical Intuitive Readings 

As a born medium, Cathleen is guided to facilitate communication and greater understanding of family dynamics around countless issues clients may be challenged in. Often ancestors and crossed over loved ones bring insight in a way that is appropriate and useful for each clients needs. This can be very supportive around healing major diseases in the body and or to heal traumas and bring a greater sense of peace and hope towards the future. Although there is no guarantee that a specific cross over will show up what does transpire in a session is always the most useful and relevant energy for each persons development and needs. 

Advanced Intuitive Kinesiology 

As a born medium Cathleen is able to scan and translate multiple layers of energy to evaluate clients physical bodies, relationships, business systems, lifestyle choices, relationships, land grids, development projects and more. Energetic scanning gives clients precise personal insight for any issues affecting their life in a challenging way.

Access Consciousness Facilitator 

Access facilitator ongoing trainings from 2012-2022 for supplemental body and energy awareness tools to empower all areas of life and living.


Sound Therapy Jonathan Goldman Training 

Sonic therapy is a vibrational healing modality that consists of using specific tones placed on or around the body, that can help to clear and open the entire energetic system. The use of instruments, voice, toning bowls and mathematically attuned forks can help to apply the right note for the adjustment needed for each client.


Theta Brainwave Technique 

Cathleen is an Advanced Practitioner of Theta Brainwaves, an energy healing technique using the brainwave states to access consciousness that allows healing to occur. Theta can clear negative programming from the subconscious and allow positive reprogramming to upgrade beliefs about healing any life issue. 

Body-Mind Yoga Therapy Retreat Programs 

Princeton Natl. Aerobic Certified FL 1989 + personal yoga practice over 20+ yrs Initially certified and teaching aerobics, Cathleen loved working with both high and low impact classes with emphasis to support special injury issue participants as well. She has maintained an ongoing 20+ year yoga student practice that includes Vinyasa, Hatha and Bikrams theory. She facilitates body mind awareness within yoga practice for all levels of practice and also teaches advanced energy workshops with Shawna Eaker Owner Lotus Yoga. Group body/mind yoga connection sessions are available by request, see special events page for more info. 


Aromatherapy & Bach Flower Essence Therapy

Aromatherapies & Flower Essences are all powerful healing supports that Cathleen has researched and used both personally and with clients over 20+ years. Flower and plant essences create powerful affects to heal subtle body etheric wounds, weakness and other issues that you may be struggling with energetically. Cathleen is able to apply supportive flower tonic frequencies both in person and in distance frequency applications as needed. She only works with the most wild organically pure vibrational essences possible and is a Young Living Essential Oils rep. 

Cellular Response Therapies 

Cathleen has trained with multiple advanced therapy doctors in their own unique techniques to improve her body-mind commanding skills in distance sessions with clients. Cellular command therapy improves communication from the brain to every cell of the body to assist in repatterning or removing dysfunctional destructive patterns from the central nervous system or where ever needed per client. Cathleen uses this in combination with over almost two decades of light body training. ​


Nature Therapy

This is a go to therapy for any clients coming out of a major physical trauma or drug detox. Using intuitive techniques specific to each client needs balancing natural elements in the body is one of the most powerful ways to get clients back into their body. Clients recovering from drug or alcohol addictions or those who have experienced any acute emotional or physical trauma abuses have all reported profound healing in private outdoor nature sessions with Cathleen. As a living 'Nature Spirit' Cathleen has a powerful connection to elemental forces in a way that is often lost or disconnected in others after trauma. She also teaches and facilitates sacred ceremony for healing in her retreat groups and also in private nature therapy 1:1 private sessions. 

Living the Spiral Vortex Method  

Created by Author Cathleen Miller, ‘Living the Spiral’ Vortex method is based on her ever expanding personal energy technique. Inspired from her 30 day chakra life balance program, Cathleen guides clients into greater awareness of their energy bodies, intuitively reading, clearing and resetting vortex patterns to create greater energetic flow through the body, expanded intuition, and greater consciousness. This powerful Holistic MediumTM technique allows clients to better understand the power of their choices of lifestyle, thoughts and actions that create and contribute to their current quality of life. As clients anchor their desired alignment physical changes, emotional relief and spiritual connection are effortless, which is the goal of intuitive lifestyle. 

Conscious Business Coaching Media + Online Marketing Training 

In addition to running her own successful business, Cathleen has worked as an intuitive business coach to a diverse range of clients to generate body, mind personal home/life/work balance with financial success. Clients including health care professionals, real estate developers, small business, top national corporate CEO's, wellness center practitioners, professional actors and more. Passionate about success from a young age, Cathleen met Tony Robbins when she was15 years old (training at one of his seminars) and combines her innate intuitive expertise with street smart business coaching, to inspire clients into their own intuitive awareness so they can optimize their potential and enjoy ongoing success. 

Gemstones & Crystal Therapy

Cathleen works with a wide variety of chakra gemstones & crystals from her own world wide collection. Gemstones can balance, magnify and clear all kinds of physical, mental and emotional issues. Cathleen is able to intuitively read gemstones, crystals, jewelry and antiques you may already own or help you to choose what types of stones would be a worthwhile investment to improve your health, office and home. See her Living the Spiral Gemstone Chakra Therapy Kit under sessions page. ​

Above are highlighted methods with many additional past trainings not listed. Passionate about the field of energy medicine Cathleen continues ongoing continued education training yearly in several additional new trainings not listed here from these and new top world leading alternative therapy practitioners.

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