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Psychic Medium Readings

Intuitive Medium Readings 

Virtual Sessions with Cathleen

In addition to being a born intuitive medium Cathleen is also Advanced Practitioner Certified in the following alternative modalities to create a world class session experience for you.

Cathleen Miller Psychic Readings

Virtual Medium Readings with Cathleen can include any personal body, business, career. finances, relationships or life issues you are seeking more clarity, clearing and support around. 


As a master medium healer, Cathleen can go to the core of issues energetically contributing to clarity and useful support to heal and balance any area you are ready to transform. 


Sessions can review and release past life records, unresolved issues with crossed over loved ones which can hold lifetimes of grief, guilt, fear and patterns of blockages keeping you out of healthy possibilities today. Entity clearing and facilitation can also be included to increase a greater sense of peace and mindfulness of your own energy field which you can read more on space clearing here.

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