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Starseed Virtual Events + Sessions
with Cathleen Miller

Cathleen Miller Starseed
Goddess Channeling

unedited photos from Boynton Canyon vortex Sedona retreat and live group channel Florida

Starseed Support For Higher Vibrational Life On Earth
If you are on this page and very new to starseed awareness, there are many possibilities and content links to support you on all levels. For some just listening to a podcast may be all you are ready for, which is cool. Others who are ready to dive deeper may be called to the group channeling events, or even working 1:1 in private starseed session to support your energy field, clarify your light work at this time or what ever questions you would like to explore. 

Starseed Virtual Open Group Channel Sessions
Group zoom sessions with Cathleen include interactive discussion with open questions, clearing, healing plus activation frequencies through light language as appropriate for each starseed group that shows up. The target of these group channels is to awaken, inspire and activate starseed who are called into their gifts, capacities and light to elevate collective consciousness on earth.

Dec 9th Starseed Awakening Virtual Group Channel
11am - 12pmCST-US Zoom

benevolent starbeings of light join us to share messages, healing, energy support and insight around planetary changes and adjusting to more light in your central nervous system with ease

Dec 9th Starseed zoom pass
introductory discount promo only 33. per person (reg 55.)

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Jan 8th 2024 11amCST-US 1-8-8 Lyran Feline Abundance Codes
join us for lyran feline starbeings abundance codes group transmission and message to clear blocks to success and bring in specific support to contribute to thriving creations in 2024

Jan 8th 2024 zoom pass
55. per person

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Jan 13th 2024 Starseed Awakening Virtual Group Channel
11am - 12pmCST-US Zoom benevolent starbeings of light join us to share messages, healing, energy support and insight around planetary changes and adjusting to more light in your central nervous system + life with more ease

Jan 13th 2024 zoom pass
55. per person

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Starseed Support
1:1 Private Virtual Sessions

explore your unique connections and gifts

Private Virtual 1:1 Starseed Sessions with Cathleen

May include personalized intuitive development, energetic clearing and personal counsel to support whatever is appropriate for your unique circumstance. This offering will meet you wherever you are on your personal journey to support more ease and clarity for your experience around what awakening of starseed awareness is useful for you to create and contribute to a more peaceful, conscious sustainable future for our planet.


For some who newly awakening around their gifts opening, sessions are more informative and supportive to create whatever would support the most confidence and balance for you. Others may be fully aware of their starseed connections and are seeking more specific clearing, support or development required.


No matter where you are on your own starseed path, as long as you are open minded and willing to expand, or fine tune, sessions can contribute to more empowered clarity for you. My focus is for you to embrace your capacities, harness your strength so you can create the greatest life possible.

Is now the time?

Trust what you know.

Am I A Starseed

5 Tips to know if YOU are a Starseed?

  1. you have sense of never quite belonging here on earth, some may have memories and connections to benevolent beings off planet

  2. have unexplainable abilities that are uncommon, such as psychic, healing or other unique to you energetic or physical (athletic talent) capacities

  3. you identify with science fiction characters which seem familiar, or possibly  you have knowledge of having lived on other planets

  4.  your body is more sensitive than most with foods, volume, chemicals and environment awareness, your system reacts, while others seem oblivious

  5. you have sense that you are here to contribute to change on earth and seeking to raise vibrational consciousness for more peace and wellbeing

*if you relate to 3 or more of these, you are highly likely a starseed

*Want more info? Read my recent blog Are you a starseed?


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*all program page content copyrighted Cathleen Miller Intuitive Lifestyle Success TM 2023

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