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2020 Energy Reading

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

2020 energy reading

What is in store energetically for YOU in 2020? Can it be a game changing year for your business, health and or personal life success? That is of course, is always possible. Yet most people wait until end of December or even early January to even think about getting focused direction for the new year. Then there are those already anticipating new year growth doing ongoing steps months in advance to keep the needle moving for their own tangible growth and expansion.

In numerology 2020 or 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 ='s a number 4 potential year, which has a general energetic theme of stability and steadiness which after last year 2019 being a 3 year, was more about bringing several areas of body, mind and spirit into balance.

A numerology number four year is similar to a table with four legs that can not only balance the table with ease but allow a lot to be added with support from a strong foundation. In other words if you have spent focused time for building and preparation over the past several years will have a high probability of coming together quite dynamically in 2020. Keep the are closer than you may realize to the success you have been reaching for over the last several years.

Coming out of 2019 which is a numerology number 3 potential year (2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 1+2 ='s 3 was a year of managing power and issues around how well you did that in your personal and professional experience. For some this was a great year to build power and develop esteem in a dynamic way. If this was done from a conscious place of integrity then it likely created positive forms to support yourself and others. Some who were not able to find or keep balance in 2019, may have let this past year get the best of them. Deep breath....2020, new year, new chapter.

I personally love going into a fresh calendar year full of hope and a clean slate of new possibility. Yet it is important to consider that even with these general energetic 2020 concepts of feng shui, astrology, numerology or any forecast, you still need a grounded, healthy lifestyle game plan for real here now success.

If you are seeking more change for your health, business or any area of your life and you know what you are desiring is feeling really out of reach, then you may greatly benefit from investing in coaching or a personal development program to spark your creativity and get you on a real game plan so you can reach your goals to have your best year ever.

It is important to remember you are your point of attraction. No matter what any energy forecast says you have the power to use that general potential to create and be inspired with it in a positive way or as an excuse not to. At the end of the day what happens depends on where you are vibrating and what you are choosing to consciously activate in your universe.

This is a year to use the power of your intention to have your best year ever, to be healthier than ever, to have more fun than ever, to experience more peace of earth and more earth regeneration than ever and more abundance, ease, grace, joy, play and get the idea...

Cheers to a healthy, happy, more fun, more success, more ease for all 2020!

Cathleen Miller

Intuitive Coaching, Events + Retreats

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