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Intuitive Questions : Using Intuition To Understand Your Dreams

intuitive dream healing

The same exact dream can have countless interpretations. We are all so unique in how we think and experience our own reality that symbols, interactions and intensities are simply completely dependent on the individual experiencing them.

As an intuitive medium and energy healer, I work with dream interpretation with many clients to support their mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. Dreams have incredible power to guide us through their deeper conscious reflections that show up.

For one person a dream of living in a home that is falling apart may indicate a project or commitment that is needing tending and repair. For others this may be showing the physical body needing changes and support. Yet what the emotion you are awakening with around this example of a theme is what matters and only you can know intuitively what the home and your experience in the dream is showing you.

While there are many dream dictionaries out there which have some interesting insights, again they can be very generalized or the opposite of meaning if they do not intuitively resonate for you. My work as an intuitive development coach is to support clients to better train and more importantly trust their own intuition to guide them clearly in wake state and through dreams.

Here are a few intuitive lifestyle expert tips to support you to use your intuition for your own dream interpretation:

1- Clarify the main dream experience in your dream journal - writing down the main experience. Example: dream of floating in clouds being blissed out and then suddenly without warning falling from them at fast speed. This may note the jarring experience of going from joy to fear.

2- Meditate with the negative conflict (or positive experience) to allow wake state guidance - Using above example asking to see if there is message or lurking belief around losing your positive state of being which may connect into other aspects like a relationship, job, etc.

3- Take steps to align with improved state or if needed get support - some dreams that are mild in nature are easy to adjust once awake. While others can rock our world and show us our edge. Gently strengthening yourself to build confidence around an issue showing up or bringing in expert to make the process easier can create more ease or give you insight you may not be getting to on your own.

No matter what your dreams are showing you, know that they are rarely literal. Often spooky or intense imagery is our perception of the big changes or unknown that is around us. When you are working intuitively with your dreams you begin to shift them in wake and dream state in a way that can be empowering and supportive for your own confidence, core balance and intuitive clarity in the world.

Cathleen Miller Master Intuitive Business Coach + Energy Healer

Distance Intuitive Business Mentorship, VIP Events + Retreats

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