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5 Tips To Get Into Your Vortex

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

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More people are grasping the basic understanding of energetic alignment and the power of transformation it creates in their life. We have all experienced "in the zone" moments of greatness, mental clarity and perhaps even blowing our mind with really impressive things going our way. If you are a law of attraction fan, then you are well aware that being 'in your vortex' is basically the only thing necessary for your life to improve.

Although most people tend to get logical about the understanding of this vortex concept, it is much more than a mental process. Getting into your vortex requires actually feeling in the same vicinity of what you are seeking to create or experience. Then being aware of where your true feelings really are from moment to moment, as you move towards that desire. Doing this is a life practice that takes immense focus to shift life conditioning of compromise, going along, suffering and scarcity that most are used to experiencing.

Good news is it does not matter what you have created up to now. You can have every area of your life challenged and still begin to shift and transform everything starting with your own vibrational habits. Working with energy can be very rewarding as you begin to feel better, have things flow easier and so on. It is a process.