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What Is A Faith Healer?

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

faith healers

Recently in a distance energy healing session, I was asked if I was considered to be a 'faith healer'? While I imagine if you asked several different people that question, they would have different definitions and imagery of what a faith healer should look like, act like, or be able to accomplish.

To me this is an obvious and even silly question, since any energy healing, reiki healing, alternative therapy or spiritual healing, requires faith. Not only for the practitioner to believe that positive cellular influence is possible to create positive change in the body but also for the client to have faith to be able to receive any benefit as well.

Faith is universal in its experience and capacity to support everyone into more of what they are seeking to create. Or as Dr Wayne Dyer said "when you believe it, you will see it." This is the simplistic but profound power of faith.

In regards to healing and being a faith healer, yes I consider myself a woman of very strong faith. I know that wellbeing abounds and is possible for everyone who is open to it. Yet the judgement of healing or any expected outcome, can not take into account the full spectrum of what is happening on all levels of someones being. This is why the capacity to trust your body and its ability to restore wellbeing is key. As Christ said, "your faith has healed you." Or as we each have free will to individually believe, so we can heal and be healed.

It is important to clear ones judgements around what healing is supposed to be or do, in regards to outcome. Especially in hospice, or similar terminal situations, death can be the healing. I have had many clients who found me after being diagnosed with terminal illness who shared that they were done in life and working with me more to find peace and ease for their family they would leave behind. Most of these clients were genuinely at ease in knowing their death was imminent. Other clients with advanced diagnosis, (strong in faith that they could heal) have attained 'impossible' improvements after energy healing sessions and are alive and well today.

If you are seeking to work with a faith healer, I would encourage you to first ask yourself if you truly believe in energy healing? Do you really believe that you are committed to clearing and shifting your vibration to naturally find balance again? Are you willing to allow alternative energy therapy which may likely require you going many steps out of your comfort zone? If so then working with a healthy and qualified intuitive energy healer or medical medium healer, can have a profound impact on your return to wellness.

Some ask if it is important to understand everything about healing or energy work for the process to work? Definitely not. You may have heard the quote "with faith as small as a mustard seed, then you can move mountains." I always assure my clients that if you are open and willing to have a new and improved possibility of wellbeing in your body, mind and spirit, then anything is truly possible.

Cathleen Miller

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