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What Is A Faith Healer?

Updated: 6 days ago

Recently in a distance energy healing session I was asked if I was considered a faith healer? While I imagine if you asked several different people that question, they would have different definitions and imagery of what that should look like, act like or be able to accomplish. To me this is a silly question since any energy healing requires faith. Not only for the practitioner to believe that positive cellular influence is possible but also for the client to be able to benefit as well.

Faith is universal in its experience and capacity to support everyone into more of what they are seeking to experience. Or as Dr Wayne Dyer said "when you believe it, you will see it." This is the simplistic power of faith. In regards to healing and being a faith healer, yes I would consider myself a woman of strong faith, knowing that wellbeing abounds and is possible for everyone. Yet the judgement of healing or any expected outcome can not take into account the full spectrum of what is happening on every level of someones being. That is where trusting your body and ability to restore wellbeing is key. As Christ said "daughter your faith has healed you," shows that as believe, so we can heal and be healed.

It is important to clear judgements around what healing needs to be outcome wise and realize that sometimes even death is the healing. I have had many clients who found me after being diagnosed with terminal illness only to share that they were done in life and working with me more to find peace for their family. I could tell most were genuinely at ease with knowing their time was limited in life. This was a great lesson for me to not judge outcome since so much more is transpiring beyond our personalities attempt to control. I have also worked with clients who have had advanced diagnosis who were determined to live who attained what some would call impossible improvements, who are alive and well today.

If you are seeking to work with a faith healer, I would encourage you to first ask if you truly believe in energy healing? Do you believe that you are committed to clearing and shifting your vibration to naturally find balance again which may be many steps out of your comfort zone? If so then working with a qualified energy medicine or medical medium healer can have a profound impact for your return to wellness. If you expect and believe miracles happen everyday than anything is truly possible for your body and your life.

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