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3 Expert Tips To Love Yourself More

3 Expert Tips to Love Yourself More

Loving ones self is not commonly seen as a power. Yet it is one of the greatest strengths you can cultivate to support true success and fulfillment in life. If you know me, you know my passion is intuitive body mind connection. I love training clients to better understand their innate intuitive power that affects everything they touch and always leads to love.

Being internally connected in a healthy positive way can support your business to be way more productive. It can improve your time management while also better managing your wellness. Countless people and issues are bombarding us within a day, trying to get our attention. Question is can you love yourself enough to know what information and choices truly matter?

One of the most important things which we are all here for in this life is to discover self love. To me self love is self care. Actually they're kind of one in the same. There are many common blocks I see constantly in my coaching work that are deterring the ability to really love yourself and stay confident.

Major common blocks to self love are resentment, rejection and regret. Many things can also be intertwined with these such as others expectations, that you then reset or resent (that in either case) take you out of loving you.

Agendas are another massive pitfall to side track us that we can all relate to somewhere. Whether it is your kids agenda, your boss's agenda, your career agenda, family agenda, you name it. When we commit to aspects that are putting any of these first over our own self love or care, we can slip into the blocks that keep us out of our own healthy alignment.

I see this constantly with my clients who report feeling like they're constantly in a revolving flow of what other people are expecting them. This can change when we begin to develop our own intuitive awareness about what is honoring or loving us in a choice and discerning what is not.

We are each unique in learning how to energetically prioritize what matters to us. Self care can look very different from one person to the next and that is ok. For me, working out everyday, meditation and healthy lifestyle choices to stay as high performance as I possibly can are key. I am passionate about excellence. I feel the most self love when I am resonating at a high level. That may not be your cup of tea. Priority step one is finding your 'self love must,' then do them as often as you can.

For some people it may be allowing more rest, spa care, coaching or extra nutritional support. You've got to kind of define what is true for you. What is most important is that you are creating the time and space for yourself to be who you really are within. And then honoring yourself with follow through, is equally important.

Okay, so number two is time management. This is kind of in tandem with one to add your self care into your daily schedule. A lot of people their schedules are managing them instead of the other way around. I see this in some of my higher functioning entrepreneur clients who are running good sized businesses. They could work non stop all they're really looking to learn how to manage their time better. Even in loving what you do, self love is still prioritizing time for you within your weekly first, then running your business around that after your balanced.

Another great tip is writing your self love commitments into your calendar. Get them on your calendar at the exact time in a time block space regularly. I book massages six months out at a time, or weeks will pass before I remember to book. You can also do this with therapies, adding them in every two or three weeks, booked out for months in advance. This lets it just be done so you don't wimp out, or worse forget to love you. My clients who book with me several months out are the ones who are truly cultivating ongoing balance with ease.

The third tip is to shift from negative inner talk to positive self encouragement. A lot of times we don't even say the negative thoughts in our heads out loud. It's just those inner "I'm not doing enough, this isn't right. I don't like this, etc." So it's really beginning to support yourself and first being aware of the negative self talk, so you can pivot it into positive talk over time. If you are needing support in this area adding a support person, coach or accountability friend can make all the difference.

Loving yourself really can begin with simple steps as easy as self care. Or sometimes saying no to expectations of others and yes to you. As you keep honoring you first over the countless demands coming your way, you will notice a shift. When you do this you will feel more hope and positive expectation for your future. In 2021, that is everything.

Cathleen Miller Master Intuitive Business + Energy Coach

Distance Intuitive Healing Sessions, Events + Retreats


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