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3 Tips for Intuitive Dream Healing

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

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Since as long as I can remember, I have always been a very vivid and active dreamer. Being so open intuitively as a child, I saw way more than I even wanted to, so night terrors were common even into my teens. I have been told I should write them for movie scripts because my dreams are so wildly detailed and have other worldly nature to them. 

Although my dreams often vary in subject matter or relevance, there are times I know I am being shown something important to pay attention about my awake life. It is not the dream content as much as it is how you feel about what is going on in your dreams.

You may see an ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles but feel awful about it, or sad? So intuitively recalling your dream can help you to be more aware of what your deeper consciousness is doing and or working on.

Here are a few easy tips so you are able to separate the static from the useful higher self insight. Being more open can give you a better heads up about change, new things coming your way, or any information that is useful for you in some way.

3 Intuitive Tips to Improve Dream Healing

1- Note how you feel in the dream itself. As well as the morning after you wake up the you are recalling details. See if it feels useful to journal the information. If it does not seem relevant then it is often not. If it is still coming into your awareness with a discomfort into your day, there may be something useful to know from it.

Other times it may seem random with no strong feeling, then it is likely not useful to bother with too much focus. When you feel it and react emotionally upon waking, that is when deeper patterns are emerging. Ask what the feeling was in the dream and how you can shift that vibration while you are awake. 

2- Be aware of dream patterns to gain insight of what may be useful for you to change or possibly consider. This can be anything from several dreams in a row of being chased, falling, or any scenario that again evokes feeling in the dream and an emotional response after waking up. These are rarely literal and can reveal metaphoric imagery to get our attention.

I remember a dream of missing a flight only to realize I was activating the energy of being behind for a few days so the dream was showing me that reflection and energy of feeling I was missing out or behind and going to miss something. Once I affirmed I could relax and allow there to be plenty of time this shifted this energy and my body and mind both came to a better place of ease. 

3- Stay open to real life change and lighthearted in your questioning. Being gentle but open to better understand what is useful and relevant for you to be aware of is important. This is a great space that will allow new and better intuitive insights to come up as you relax and stay open to better understand.

Constant dreams can show bigger or deeper patterns going on which sometimes getting support can be useful to work through together. Every answer is within you so trust yourself and let your dreams guide you to your own highest potential. 

Any dream my clients mention that is often a night or two before their intuitive session with me is always relevant and useful for what will be cleared or balanced energetically in their session.

After working with thousands of intuitive sessions including intuitive dream analysis, soul healing, one thing I have gleaned from wisdom of so much experience is that how you feel matters way more than most realize. Feeling good and being happy in waking life as well as your dream life is natural, possible and where we all deserve to be.

Happy Dreaming my friends.  

Master Intuitive Cathleen Miller

Intuitive readings sessions + events available internationally. 

*All information copyrighted Cathleen Miller Holistic MediumTM 2017

*Blog not intended to replace regular medical or mental wellness care of any kind.


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