• Cathleen Miller

Expert Tips For Vibrational Communication

Vibrational communication

Most believe that you have to physically speak to communicate, when actually way more non verbal exchanges or 'vibrational communications' are happening all of the time. Everywhere you go, you are exchanging more than most are capable of comprehending.

As a master intuitive development coach, I work distance around the world with clients (most I have never met in person) working only through voice and intutive interaction, (clairvoyantly observing their non physical energies), while also training them to be more aware of the power that is in their body mind connection.

If you're willing to begin to increase your personal intuitive awareness, you can start to discover you have way more power than you ever thought. Yet personal power requires massive self awareness that you simply can not fake. This is why honoring a personal practice that helps you to be reinforcing your core clarity, will support you being more confident in this ongoing non verbal experience.

When you begin to become more self aware, it is natural to begin to be more sensitive to your environment, relationships and even non verbal exchanges with strangers. Some feel this is a weakness, when actually it is an opportunity to begin to develop yourself in a way that empowers you in the world and with everyone around you, without having to say a word.

As you move out into the world to interact with other people in your business, your community or your family, then it is likely you will come across others who are extremely different, or even opposite in their energy and conduct. While most often knee jerk react to this in an offensive or defensive position, this simply locks and drains anyone in the mix. Doing this will take you out of the vibrational intuitive awareness and put you into a mental lockdown.

Or if you use this same scenario as an advantage to stay balanced within yourself, you can take non verbal questions (such as aversion to their presence or contraction at their tone) and politely shift out of the interaction, or speak clearly about whatever your boundaries are around the subject.

Sometimes we begin the day happy. Let's say you are energized and enjoying your favorite morning coffee from Starbucks, and you're jazzed up to rock your day. You think "I've so got this." Then you walk into your office building and literally 30 seconds later, you feel like you stepped into wet sinking concrete that's drying around you and you feel a sort of density kind of close in.