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How To Meditate

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Meditation Tips

Meditation can be daunting for many who are not sure where to begin. Especially with how stimulated and wired in most are these days, it can be challenging to feel settled around everything life is bringing our way enough to calm down and get into a meditative experience. Good news is that meditation is just like any other muscle that you can build and strengthen over time.

Clients ask me daily how to either begin meditating, or how to improve their current meditation practice. Being a hyper kinetic, extremely sensitive intuitive, my nervous system is unique in that I process information and experience energy differently than most. I used to struggle with immense chronic anxiety which has been brought into balance from my own meditation practice.

Truthfully, starting to calm the intensity of telepathic and vibrational awareness of so much going on around me in life was an interesting process. The first time I truly committed to focused ongoing meditation practice, it was maybe two minutes before I wanted to jump out of my skin. Over time a relaxed calm became a little bit easier and then eventually the new norm. Then I stretched it out over time into longer increments that felt good.

Here are a few set up and refinement tips to help you improve your own personal meditation practice. Remember there is no getting it wrong. Yet the better you feel, the more you are on track in creating the best type of practice for you.


1- established sacred space - find an area you can meditate regularly in to help strengthen your habit of setting space and expectation to be able to effortlessly relax and let go. This can be as simple or elaborate as you like with meditation cushions, gemstones or candles to support you.

2- comfortable clothes/environment/sound - loose comfy clothes, tranquil space and non-lyrical music all support relaxation for you to focus on the breath and begin to let that take you deeper. Finding the earliest time in your day is recommended so you have benefits all day long but that is up to you.

3- diaphragm belly breathing - consciously taking your breath deeper in the lung, diaphragm and lower belly all help to relax and increase oxygen flow everywhere. This calms the mind, relaxes the body and allows your spirit to balance as well.

4- set alarm to strengthen practice - if you are eyeing the clock or thinking about the time at all, set an alarm for you to expect to complete five to ten minutes daily so that you are consistent in your practice.

5- receive the connection benefits - take a moment once your done to appreciate your improved breathing, feeling more grounded in your body and improved awareness to begin your day with greater ease and capacity to cope with stress.

Taking the time to create and honor a consistent meditation practice can be as simple as these few steps. Getting out of any logic of the process can make it a little easier to just allow the benefits that will happen even from only a few minutes.

Cathleen Miller Intuitive Coach

intuitive energy coach - spiritual entrepreneur - intuitive business coach

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