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Intuitive Energy Coaching

intuitive energy coaching

You are likely to have experienced some sort of coaching in life, even if from an early sports team, physical therapy, or tutoring in school. Most agree that everyone could benefit from some sort of personal development coach. Sports figures and well known success public figures (who may seem the least to need them), often have multiple personal support teams to guide their career.

In this era of multiple careers and dual income revenue, more and more people are seeking business and personal development coaching to expand their potential and confidence to achieve more success. Choosing the right coach for you depends on several factors of whatever you are specifically seeking to improve.

Common areas are life coaching, business coaching, career coaching, lifestyle coaching, wellness coaching and countless more. These all vary greatly in their approaches to implementing change. Intuitive coaching adds additional activation for transformation, using accurate intuitive awareness and information of the clients potential, that can be unlike any other coaching experience.

Intuitive energy coaching considers every area of the clients life, business, body, relationships, personal growth, family, spiritual growth and life goals. Learning how to bring intuitive awareness into your own personal daily experience gives you countless huge advantages.

Quality intuitive development coaching should open your ability to better understand your body, business and relationships in a healthy and positive way. It also helps you create happier and more authentic choices that are more appropriate for you.

How is intuitive coaching different from typical life or career coaching? Intuitive coaching takes into consideration the unseen (non physical energies) and vibrational factors of where the client is challenged. Learning how to evaluate and train the client to begin to develop more awareness alongside solutions, allows a space to strategize forward to create a new experience.

Unlike pump up or motivational force in attempt to force an outcome, intuitive awareness when done in a high integrity and conscious way, allows a more holistic approach. Intuitive wellness retreats can even take energy coaching to another level of personal breakthrough for positive change.

Understanding affects of beliefs, choices and all aspects contributing to limitation, begins to clarify what is happening and then guide the client towards how to align with their desired outcome.

As mainstream continues to wake up to the value and advantage of understanding energetics, those who are openminded and applying intuitive awareness are way ahead in their pursuit of wellness, happiness and success.

Cathleen Miller

intuitive energy coach - spiritual entrepreneur - intuitive business coach

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