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Intuitive Questions | Transitioning from Corporate to Soulpreneur

intuitive business coaching

One of the greatest silver linings of 2020 is that more people let go of outmoded energies they did not even realize were holding them back. The gift of being able to work from home for many companies, in addition to more personal freedom in scheduling and personal balance potential has truly been life changing for those open minded and actively adapting with a more mindful flow of work, life, home, soul balance.

For others the past year and a half have collapsed businesses or completely shifted circumstances to allow a potential shift from tight structure to a window of opportunity to step into the soul whisper dreams of entrepreneurism. Nothing like a global pandemic to remind us to wait for nothing and go after our dreams. While everyone adjusted and adapted in countless ways, (and still are today) there is an interesting sense of the new sorta norm taking place.

For me personally, I have been very blessed as a leading intuitive business coach, to be able to be there to share the journey with co