• Cathleen Miller

Intuitive Questions | Transitioning from Corporate to Soulpreneur

intuitive business coaching

One of the greatest silver linings of 2020 is that more people let go of outmoded energies they did not even realize were holding them back. The gift of being able to work from home for many companies, in addition to more personal freedom in scheduling and personal balance potential has truly been life changing for those open minded and actively adapting with a more mindful flow of work, life, home, soul balance.

For others the past year and a half have collapsed businesses or completely shifted circumstances to allow a potential shift from tight structure to a window of opportunity to step into the soul whisper dreams of entrepreneurism. Nothing like a global pandemic to remind us to wait for nothing and go after our dreams. While everyone adjusted and adapted in countless ways, (and still are today) there is an interesting sense of the new sorta norm taking place.

For me personally, I have been very blessed as a leading intuitive business coach, to be able to be there to share the journey with countless corporate women who have been percolating their soul dreams into reality. While the majority of my clients are seeking intuitive development support to better clarify how to prioritize investing, expansion or any type of change they are inspired to get support on, my job is to observe the energetics and guide them to choices they may not even realize are there.

Sometimes our education can be in the way of "what is possible." While other times it is old business trauma from *&^#@&* old partners, or money limiting beliefs from scarcity examples we grew up around. Even with the Harvard best strategic business plan if you do not have the internal energy alignment within yourself or with any connected components of the business it will either fall short of projections or be ongoing complications that may not even make sense.

If you are feeling inspired to begin to step into your soulpreneur inner Soul CEO (Conscious, Excelled, Omnipotent) success goddess. Then it is important to begin with clarity around what may still be needing to adjust energetically. Especially before putting your hard earned savings and efforts into anything.

Here are a few of my expert intuitive business coaching tips to help you ease your own personal completely unique to you path from the corporate world, into your own soul based business.

3 Tips To Ease Your Transition From Corporate To Soulpreneur