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Law of Attraction Coaching

law of attraction coaching

It is so exciting and fun to see law of attraction being embraced in mainstream mindset coaching these days. Most are now grasping the basic concept that what they focus on (like winning the race), they attract. Or that like attracts like. This all sounds easy right? Yet it can get very complex when you begin to add limiting beliefs, fears and feelings into the mix.

Law of attraction coaching supports the development of intuitive awareness of what your personal energy is doing around any subject. The priceless advantage this gives you is the ability to better navigate any circumstance in a way that can create a better outcome. Every time.

A good example of how this is relevant is the common shoulder shrug dismissal of a long gone New Years resolution. Most pump themselves up with a late December big declaration of change which after a week or so, is often 'meh.'

What happened girl? You said the right words and meant it when you said what you wanted right? This goes a bit deeper into expectations, beliefs and even clarity about what you were asking for which can all be part of the issue of where those resolutions fell flat.

As a top law of attraction coach, one of the biggest tips and reminders I always encourage everyone (and myself) to remember is that the universe does not hear 'no' or 'don't'. When you declare you want something specific but really do not want a negative outcome or challenge, without meaning to you just ordered both (what you want and what you really do not want) to come in.

Sounds crazy, yet it keeps most people spinning their wheels, wondering why change is not happening in their business, relationships or body. Additional blockages can be weak desire, lack of confidence, low sense of worthiness, or just lack of clarity about what you actually really do desire to create or experience.

There are countless choices of coaching out there that you can invest in to support you improving these issues. These include intuitive business coaching, wellness coaching, law of attraction coaching, personal development coaching, conscious relationship coaching, lifestyle coaching and many more.

To learn what coaching is the right fit for you, consider exploring the top 2-3 areas you have been struggling with such as business, personal confidence or wellness. You have to get focused to get forward!

Then get clear on the change you are desiring to experience. Once you have that ask the universe to bring you the right coach who can accelerate your progress. Now when you come across that supportive energy in the right coach for you, committing will be a much easier process so you can get to the fun, joy and cashflow you are seeking.

Law of Attraction Coach Cathleen Miller

intuitive energy coach - spiritual entrepreneur - intuitive business coach

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