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Medical Intuitive

medical intuitive

Can a Medical Intuitive help you uncover what is going on for you?

Now with well known New York Times best selling author Anthony William, who wrote Medical Medium, Liver Rescue and Thyroid Solution, finally mainstream is embracing the incredible value that a quality medical intuitive can provide.

As a professional medical intuitive and energy therapy practitioner, I too developed my unique talents to interpret non physical energy from an early age. Being so incredibly hyper sensitive and conscious in this way, was confusing to me as I grew up. I did not understand why what seemed so obvious to me, was oblivious to everyone else.

Medical intuition (in my opinion), is the ability to read vibrational layers of the body in a way that brings conscious awareness to the countless multi faceted contributors of wellbeing. For some this may be as simple as identifying an environmental toxin, wreaking havoc with the nervous system. While for some one else pinpointing and clearing emotional abuse and trauma that has been keeping their biorhythm dysfunctional.