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Peak Performance 2020 Olympics

Peak Performance

Everyone is seeking to be or get into 'the zone.' Let's face it, there is nothing like hitting that sweet spot of exhilarating hyperdrive, as though any obstacle that comes your way can be effortlessly averted. Or even expressing extra finesse (as many Olympics athletes have done) while exceeding the goal in style. In today's highly competitive world, finding your own magic formula to generate peak performance can be a fascinating but more often, wildly elusive journey.

For many massive dedication to expert coaching, personal training and mindset development tend to be common routes to cultivating greater personal potential. Yet more and more are finding that working with law of attraction and vibrational energy techniques such as meditation or visualization, (in addition to training and coaching development) are producing even better results.

Why is it that although everyone is putting the time in to train or prepare, that certain individuals create vastly different results? I am always in awe during the Olympics, watching countless athletes from around the world who have dedicated their lives to crafting their capacity to hit peak performance. Only to fall short of the win by mere fractions of a second. What is the magic that creates that .00001 difference?

As much as I would personally love for this to be a logical and linear answer, it just is not ever going to be a one dimensional construct. Peak performance is about getting every part of your multidimensional being, your cellular body, your mental and emotional focus, your spiritual and soul capacities, your desire and purpose of whatever it is you are aspiring to achieve all aligned into a laser beam that allows that fast track of peak performance and experience to occur.

Working as a passionate peak performance coach for athletes and business professionals, I am fascinated by similar vibrational techniques that work for improving outcomes for not only human performance capacity, but simultaneously for professional success as well. I believe this is because being 'in the zone' is a highly magnetic state, which is why success is so attractive in any capacity. Everyone is seeking the natural high of being fully alive and experiencing the leading edge of what is possible whether that is a big jump or building a structure that is a feat of accomplishment yet to be attained.

While many are seeking to sustain what they have in life and stay comfortable, peak performance people are always driven by the possibility of creating better, doing it all better, in a new way and so on. Yet everyone would benefit from supportive coaching (be it business or athletic) to ensure ongoing expansion into more possibility.

No matter what you are aspiring to in your life, there is highly likely an area in which you know there is more that is possible. Yet you may not be sure about how to tap into that zone to achieve it. Asking the universe who or what support, development information, or energy would guide you into awareness so you could choose to step into more can be a great place to begin.

Intuitive Lifestyle Coach Cathleen Miller

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