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Recovering From Business Trauma

business men in office

After decades of guiding clients in recovery from physical and emotional traumas, I am stunned how often past business traumas also create the same (or worse) negative affects for physical health and mental, emotional wellbeing. Not to mention grappling to stay positive in their business experience moving forward.

What exactly would be considered a business trauma? Anything from tolerating abusive environments, direct neglect in any professional situation, manipulative partnerships forcing unethical choices or business practices (in ways that one may go along with but end of energetically paying for later).

Other times it can come from a malicious partnership which although started off well and good, ended up being energetically similar to a vicious divorce.

It does not matter if this happens in employment, your own business, a nasty partner, or outside contracting connection you are doing business through. Business trauma can cost your physical health and vitality, emotional and mental balance and even create financial upheaval through d