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Recovering From Business Trauma

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After decades of guiding clients in recovery from physical and emotional traumas, I am stunned how often past business traumas also create the same (or worse) negative affects for physical health and mental, emotional wellbeing. Not to mention grappling to stay positive in their business experience moving forward.

What exactly would be considered a business trauma? Anything from tolerating abusive environments, direct neglect in any professional situation, manipulative partnerships forcing unethical choices or business practices (in ways that one may go along with but end of energetically paying for later).

Other times it can come from a malicious partnership which although started off well and good, ended up being energetically similar to a vicious divorce.

It does not matter if this happens in employment, your own business, a nasty partner, or outside contracting connection you are doing business through. Business trauma can cost your physical health and vitality, emotional and mental balance and even create financial upheaval through destructive entanglements created from the experience.

If things are stagnate or you are longing for the early enthusiasm you once had, sometimes this can be an awareness that something has taken its toll on your energy along the way. A few good questions to ask if you are feeling 'off' in your career or business, and are suspecting some type of imbalance happening are:

1- Where am I in resistance from negative experience in my job or business that is stopping my growth or progress? Finding out where you are holding on, or stuck in past experience, is an important step to moving into an improved circumstances to get your mojo going again.

2- Are my current health issues related to an incident, or ongoing toxic work experience? If you are anxious daily before going into the office, or dealing with mid day migraines from dealing with ongoing unhealthy dynamics in general, asking for guidance and finding healthy remedies or personal support can make all the difference.

3- What would guide me to healthy improvements in my career? This can be as simple as more personal time and basic lifestyle improvements. Or re-evaluating your career goals and path. Finding quality healthy support can bring immense clarity for you to know your next best step.

Anyone who has been in any business long enough has experienced at least less healthy behavior or negative exchange. This for some is no big deal, while for others it can take them off track and they can lose sight of what is really important. Learning how to have healthier boundaries, practice high level self care and stay clear on where you are going, can help you stay the course when challenge factors inevitably come your way.

If basic healthy lifestyle and self care are not moving your metrics forward, then considering professional support can move you through whatever is stuck and move you into a renewed enthusiasm for your business and life.

Cathleen Miller

Intuitive Business Coach

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