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What Is A Soul Based Business?

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

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A new savvy business trend that is growing, is adding a more 'heart centered' or 'soul' based approach into ones company brand and or marketing style. This is wonderful to see, since it invites consumers who are seeking more integrity and genuine care in the overall process of doing business.

Yet what exactly is a 'soul' based business?

A soul based business is one that functions primarily from a constant internal intuitive knowing of direction before any logical conclusion. From there it creates from awareness to develop products or services that will contribute to value for their clients or market. Soul or heart based is always seeking connection over a sale, yet more sales happen from the energy exchanged.

While most are conducting business from mental deductive reasoning and or logical function that makes money, that does not necessarily have personal connection or concern for the consumer. Many businesses function from from theory and commonplace automated procedures, while soul based business can look and be an entirely different experience.

Not that a sound business plan and obvious basic foundational principles of business are thrown out all together, just different considerations in the process of creation.

As a soul based entrepreneur, I do everything both personally and professionally from an internal awareness alignment. Being aligned in ones soul means having conscious awareness of what you are expressing and creating in your business, while also anticipating what you are contributing to those your business serves in the process.

Being aware of a soul inspired desire to develop a company or cause is not only bringing hope to humanity, it is also lifting the consciousness of everyone in a way that becomes much bigger than the company itself.

No matter where you are in your business or professional experience, asking for more soul inspired awareness can surprise you with what shows up. If your business lights you up and you are in powerful momentum of desiring more, then you are on your soul business path, so keep shining.

Why is moving to a more soul based business model important? As we consider consciousness in business practice, we automatically consider the planet, wellbeing of everyone involved and a healthy, positive consumer and employee experience. Conscious business will always have greater odds for longevity of success.

Cathleen Miller

intuitive business coaching


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